How To Juice An Orange With Only The Back Of Your Knife

There's nothing quite like the vibrant, zesty taste of freshly squeezed orange juice to kickstart your morning. But what if you don't have a fancy juicer on hand? According to TikToker Mia Vault, you can still enjoy the pure goodness of homemade orange juice with a simple tool you probably have in your kitchen already: The back edge of a knife. Yes, all you need to make a refreshing cup of orange juice is a knife, a little technique, and a whole lot of juicy oranges.

Let's take a closer look at how to juice with nothing but a knife. Start by choosing ripe and juicy oranges. The juicier the fruit, the better your orange juice will be. Slice the oranges in half crosswise to create equal halves. You can use any type of knife with a reasonably sharp edge. Place a cup or glass underneath the halved orange, ensuring it's stable and won't tip over during the juicing process.

Hold the orange half firmly with one hand while gripping the knife's handle with the other. Carefully press the cut side of the orange against the back of the knife blade, allowing the juice to flow down the knife and into the cup below. As you press the orange into the knife, gently rotate the fruit around to maximize juice extraction. Continue this process until you've extracted all the juice from the orange half. You'll be amazed at how much juice can be obtained with this simple technique.

Best types of oranges and knives to use

When it comes to the best types of oranges for juicing, varieties like Valencia and Navel steal the show with their juicy, flavorful flesh. For juicing oranges over the back of a blade, a versatile chef's knife reigns supreme. Its ample length ensures effortless juicing, accommodating oranges of all sizes. With a chef's knife in hand and a plump orange at the ready, the stage is set for a refreshing glass.

While this method is straightforward, safety is paramount. Be extra careful not to cut yourself during the juicing process. Maintain a firm grip on both the knife and the orange, and always exercise caution when using sharp objects. The result of your efforts will be a fresh, pure cup of orange juice that's free from added sugars or preservatives.

Using a knife to make orange juice might sound unconventional, but it's an age-old method that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Instead of struggling with a juicer or electric appliance, this knife trick simplifies the process and allows you to enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice without the fuss.