This Is Who Really Makes Costco's Kirkland Signature French Vodka

In the last few years, Kirkland's Signature spirits have turned heads. The labeling is plain and product sources are often shrouded in mystery, but the sales are surging. By offering well-priced yet tasty wine, spirits, and brews, Costco has become one of the world's largest alcohol purveyors. And a bottle garnering special attention is the French vodka.

Many hypothesized the clear booze was a rebottling of Grey Goose, noting similarities in taste and texture. However, the French distillery publicly denied such claims, explaining the two liquors do not overlap in any production or distribution. Instead, the company revealed Kirkland's distillery operates in the same Cognac region of France, utilizing similarly sourced well water. As a prominent ingredient in the spirit, the resultant vodka takes on a reminiscent palate.

However, past such a commonality, the two spirits emerged from a different source. Instead, Costco's Kirkland Signature French vodka is crafted by Gayant Distillery of Douai, France. Distributor company LeVecke Corporation then delivers the bottles to Costco stores.

Gayant Distillery crafts Kirkland Signature French vodka

In addition to its water sourcing, Kirkland's Signature French vodka gets its distinct palate through its grain base and distillation process. While Grey Goose is crafted specifically from wheat, the grain composition of Kirkland's spirit is more secretive. Costco's booze also goes through five distillations, as opposed to Grey Goose's single run-through.

Each vodka brand favors a different number of distillations, the number of iterations a deft balance of flavor and purity. Kirkland's greater number of still run-throughs explains its pristine flavor and fuller mouthfeel. While the spirit's not bold in taste, it has slight citrus notes, as well as some grain-like notes.

Regardless, Gayant Distillery's shrouded process pays off — Kirkland's vodka regularly beats out many competitors in tastings. And with a price tag often under $30, it's a delicious choice for cocktails, even when catering to a crowd. So check out the French-born vodka; although not made by a famed distiller, it's a spirit worth a sip.