Why You Should Be Considerate When Ordering A Dry Cappuccino

For lovers of the frothy, foamy layers of milk that crown perfectly made cappuccinos, orders of bone-dry cappuccinos hold special appeal. Dry cappuccinos focus on reducing or eliminating the presence of steamed milk in cups, instead focusing on shots of espresso and an aesthetic mound of milky, wiggly microfoam. The nuanced flavor profiles of espressos can sing with these adjusted cappuccino proportions, and the foamy crown can act as a type of insulator to keep shots of espresso warm. 

To make this particular coffee recipe, baristas need to direct their attention to pouring tasty shots of espresso and creating enough foam to fill — and even surpass — your cup. Frothing milk to make this bulked-up layer of microfoam demands time spent in front of the steaming wand, and it can take a practiced hand to be able to steam the required amount of milk in one pitcher. So if you're hitting up the local coffee shop during prime morning hours, bleary-eyed customers standing behind you may not appreciate any delays in their own coffee orders.  

A thoughtful approach to specialized coffee drinks

In some coffee shops, baristas take pride in serving up drink presentations that appear to be meant for the 'Gram: Jiggly, pillowy surfaces of milk topped with powdery sprinkles of cinnamon or cocoa are begging for photo filters and story updates. While some baristas may leap at the opportunity to draw intricate latte art designs on these bouncy layers of milk, others may groan at the chore of needing to steam up extra milk to make a microfoamed masterpiece. 

When in doubt, ask your barista before placing your dry cappuccino order. If they are up to the task and can comfortably manage the recipe along with the other customers standing in line, they'll tell you. Otherwise, wait for a less busy opportunity to sip on this exceptionally foamy caffeinated beverage and settle for a regular cappuccino, instead. Perhaps you can ask your neighborhood coffee shop workers to pour a bit less milk into your order, regardless of the size of drink you've selected.