What Is A Cocktail Mixing Glass And Is It Actually Worth It?

If you've been on a mission to create the perfect home bar setup, you may have done some research to decide what supplies you really need to make the best drinks. A cocktail mixing glass is often recommended to have in your home bar set up, but if you're unfamiliar with this item, you might question if you actually need it or not. A cocktail mixing glass is a wide, cylindrical glass that somewhat resembles a chemistry beaker and has a spout at the top for easy pouring. This glass is used for cocktails that need to be hand stirred, like an old fashioned, and it also makes for an easy way to chill cocktails like martinis. Some mixing glasses even have markings on the side to allow you to make precise measurements while crafting your drinks.

There are some advantages to using a cocktail mixing glass, but you can technically stir a cocktail in any kind of vessel. If you make a lot of stirred cocktails and feel like splurging, a cocktail mixing glass can be a fine investment. Otherwise, it might not be worth it as there are plenty of ways to make do without one and achieve similar results.

How to get the same results with items you have at home

Cocktail mixing glasses are specifically designed for stirring, so they tend to be sturdier and have less risk of tipping over or being chipped. A cocktail mixing glass also gives you a perfect stir for incorporating all of your ingredients together. The wide glass offers less friction while stirring compared to a metal shaker, allowing for a better mix.

Even still, you can easily achieve the same results as a cocktail mixing glass by using the base of a cocktail shaker or a basic pint glass. Just make sure that whatever vessel you're using has an adequate amount of space for your liquids, ice, and stirring; you don't want to accidentally spill your drink because the glass is too full to be stirred. A pint glass will be the closest you can get to a cocktail mixing glass if you're looking to make a single-serve drink. If you're looking to make batch cocktails, you could opt to use a large glass pitcher.