The Prep Tip For Better Snacks With Less Time Spent In The Kitchen

Meal prepping saves time and money, as well as eliminating the mental stress of figuring out what to cook for dinner at the end of each day. But have you considered portioning out snacks ahead of time, too? This straightforward tip gives you the leeway to be more creative with your snacks and spend less time in the kitchen looking for a satiating pick-me-up in between meals. Simply portion out your snacks into containers to create a personalized container of nibbles to enjoy whenever hunger strikes.

The benefit of organizing your snacks this way is that you can stretch your culinary muscles and experiment a little. When you're not tasked with meeting the urgent demands of a rumbling tummy you can truly think about making each element of your snack super-filling instead of reaching for a bag of chips because it's convenient and fast. For example, you could combine crackers and fruit with cheese sticks or deli meat in a container with compartments to make a snack that combines fat, fiber, protein, and carbs. Or, opt for a Greek yogurt parfait, layered with fruit and granola that you've prepped the night before and chilled in the fridge. Investing in the visual appeal of your snacks, by focusing on their color and texture, is also a game-changer because it instantly makes them look more appetizing. Why not add in some nuts for crunch, a trio of cucumber batons for refreshing juiciness, or a stick of beef jerky for a savory boost? 

Planning snacks reduces clean-up time

Taking the time out of your busy schedule to plan your snacks also saves you from making a mess in the kitchen each time a craving hits. If your snacks are ready-prepped in the fridge you can simply grab-and-go without getting your surfaces and utensils dirty all over again. Plus, you'll keep your pantry cupboards neater because you won't be rummaging through open packets on the shelves, hunting for a last-minute nibble. Splitting your snacks in advance, on the other hand, helps you to maintain a clean kitchen throughout the week and regulate portion sizes. 

Eating a pre-planned snack that you've put some thought into assembling can also make you mindful of nourishing your body and meeting your health goals. Better yet, if you're heading out the door and don't want to spend extra on snacks while you're away from home, you can grab a snack box from the fridge and take it along with you for the ride. Finally, preparing your snacks in advance is also very useful if you're breastfeeding, because you'll always have something wholesome to munch on, particularly during night feeds when your milk-producing hormone prolactin is at its highest.