The Boxed Pasta Stanley Tucci Loves Is Made With 100% Italian Wheat

Few things evoke the warmth and comfort of a perfect plate of pasta. And, when it comes to all things Italian, famous actor, food enthusiast, and star of "Searching for Italy," Stanley Tucci stands out as a strong advocate for the country and cuisine (and yes, that includes breakfast pasta). Therefore, among other Italian products and specialties, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Tucci has a favorite boxed pasta, one that not only satisfies his discerning palate but also pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of Italy. As he tells GQ Italia, "Growing up as most Italians do, food is the sort of focus of your life."

Thanks to its ideal climate and soil conditions, Italy is renowned for producing some of the finest wheat in the world. But which boxed pasta is Tucci's favorite? The answer is Rummo Pasta, a premium pasta brand from Benevento, Italy, that is family-owned and has been making pasta since 1846. Mr. Tucci doesn't specifically travel with the pasta but says he'll "always go and look" for it when he's out of town.

Rummo Pasta uses a slow, low-temperature drying process called Lenta Lavorazione, which produces pasta made from 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, yielding superior texture and flavor. This process gives many of the pasta varieties a rough surface, allowing sauces to cling better, resulting in a more flavorful and satisfying dining experience. 

Why Italian wheat matters

One commendable aspect of Tucci's preferred boxed pasta is its commitment to supporting local Italian farmers. By sourcing 100% of its wheat from Italy, the brand ensures the highest quality and fosters a sustainable and ethical approach to agriculture. This emphasis on locality benefits the pasta's flavor and contributes to the preservation of traditional farming practices. 

At home and when filming on location, Rummo Pasta is what Tucci uses as his pantry staple, eating it as much as twice a day. And, for the average consumer, Rummo Pasta offers various pasta shapes, including spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, and fusilli. They also make whole-wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta for those with diet restrictions.

The next time you're looking for an elevated pasta night, embrace Italy's rich culinary traditions and support local farmers by purchasing pasta made of 100% Italian wheat. With Rummo Pasta within an arm's reach, you can join Tucci in savoring the rich flavors of Italy, one delicious bite at a time.