Rice Noodles Are The Key To Using Up That Leftover Dumpling Filling

Making delicious filled dumplings is a labor of love that's fun to do with friends and family, but it can be tricky to match the amount of filling to the amount of dumpling wrappers you have on hand. Like hot dogs and hot dog bun packages, the amounts never seem to come out evenly. But don't stress about that extra dumpling filling! Rather than running out to the store for another package of wrappers, you can use it up in a quick and simple rice noodle bowl.

You could reach for any noodles you have on hand, of course, but rice noodles are fast to cook, and their mild flavor helps keep the tasty dumpling filling in the spotlight. The dumpling filling could be poached right in the rice noodle cooking water to make meatballs or stir-fried along with a handful of veggies and the noodles. No matter how you combine them, the flavors of the dumpling filling will make rice noodles a treat.

Ideas for upgrading your dumpling leftovers

If your dumpling filling is a raw meat mixture, stir it up in a pan to cook it well. Consider adding the same ingredients you love in your dumpling dipping sauce — such as soy sauce, black vinegar, and garlic to the pan — and then toss in the cooked rice noodles. If the filling is a mixture of vegetables, you could take the same path, or choose to add it to some vegetable broth along with the cooked noodles for a filling soup. Green onions, shredded cabbage, and sliced mushrooms would be welcome additions to both versions, and you might just have them on hand from making the filling.

You could also make dumpling filling even if you don't plan to make dumplings. The highly seasoned mixture makes such a tasty noodle add-in that it might be exactly the low-effort way to enjoy all the flavors you love in dumplings without all the folding. You don't need a recipe per se, just your favorite dumpling filling and your imagination.