The 3-Step Process To Properly Drink A Pornstar Martini

In the world of cocktails, few drinks have such a cult following as the pornstar martini. There's even a ritual, a 3-step process as a matter of fact, to drink this cocktail properly. If you want to satisfy pornstar martini purists, first, you must fish out the passionfruit garnish with a spoon, place it in your palm, and eat it. Then, take a sip of the pornstar martini. Finally, between sips of the martini, take sips of the sidecar or shot glass of Prosecco or sparkling wine to cleanse your palate. 

How did this three-step process come about? Well, this was how the creator of the flashy cocktail, Douglas Ankrah, intended for you to drink his world-famous drink. Ankrah was very particular about how you should enjoy his drink. The ways people are enjoying a pornstar martini online today are probably wrong, or misinterpretations or adaptations of Ankrah's original 3-step drinking process. Some people like to use the Prosecco as a chaser or palate cleanser all at once, either before or after sipping the martini. 

In a Youtube video, Ankrah is seen making his guests promise never to commit this one cardinal pornstar martini sin: mixing the shot glass of Prosecco into the martini. Another sin is to shoot the Prosecco. The whole point of the pornstar martini, as per Ankrah, is to enjoy two drinks simultaneously. 

Enjoying a pornstar martini properly takes you on a sensory journey

Douglas Ankrah's vision for his pornstar martini was not just about creating a memorable or Instagram-worthy cocktail, but curating a memorable experience, complete with a fun, sophisticated, and highly repeatable ritual. Having two drinks as one cocktail adds to the experience, a dual indulgence, per se. While meant to be savored as one, the martini and Prosecco never quite merge in one's mouth. Still, the pornstar martini, bold in flavor thanks to vanilla vodka and passionfruit, finds balance in light and refreshing Prosecco or sparkling wine. The drink is sexy with a delightful dance of flavors.

Ankrah's insistence on this unique ritual adds to the cocktail's charm. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the pornstar cocktail, despite its raunchy name, has endured since its inception in 2002. So, as we raise our martini glasses to this classic and sophisticated cocktail, let's savor each sip (between sips of Prosecco) and remember the creative genius behind it: Douglas Ankrah. Thanks to Ankrah, we have both a drink to enjoy through the ages and a sensory journey.