Perfect Your Homemade Iced Starbucks Drinks With This Cup Tip

For many of us, Starbucks is synonymous with our daily caffeine fix or a sweet treat to brighten the day. But did you know that those iconic Starbucks cold cups can become invaluable tools for home baristas? If you're tired of meticulously measuring every component of your favorite drinks, this Starbucks tip is a game-changer. Before you toss away that plastic cup from your last visit, take a closer look at its design. 

The bumps and lines on Starbucks cold cups are your secret guides to recreating those beloved iced beverages effortlessly. (Note: Starbucks paper cups used for hot drinks don't have these markings.) Starting from the bottom of the cup, you'll notice distinct ridges, each representing a specific amount of syrup. Starbucks has a standard for how much syrup goes into each drink, and these markings help baristas get it just right. According to home barista @cosettecutie on TikTok, simply fill your washed Starbucks cold cup to the corresponding ridge or lip at the cup's bottom with syrup. 

The space for this ridge will increase with the size of the cup giving you just the right measurement for what your drink requires. Now, let's turn our attention to the black lines on the side of the cup. These lines are strategically placed to indicate the amount of milk you should add. Just pour your milk up to the top line of the cup, and you're one step closer to coffee perfection as @cosettecutie explains on TikTok.

Starbucks cups will make your coffee routine more efficient

One of the biggest advantages of using your leftover Starbucks cold cup is the time it saves. No more hunting for measuring cups or spoons, no more sticky syrups to clean up — it's all right there, conveniently etched on the cup. This means you can whip up your favorite iced Starbucks-inspired drinks quickly and efficiently, even on busy mornings. And this Starbucks hack isn't limited to recreating Starbucks menu items, either. 

It can also serve as a creative tool for experimenting with your own coffee concoctions. Want to add a splash of your favorite flavored syrup or try a different milk type? The cup's measurements can guide your experiments, ensuring that you maintain the right balance in your homemade creations. Aside from the convenience and creativity, this Starbucks cup hack also aligns with sustainability goals. 

Reusing your plastic Starbucks cup for homemade drinks reduces waste and minimizes how much you spend on expensive Starbucks drinks, contributing to a greener and more budget-friendly lifestyle. So, the next time you finish your iced Starbucks beverage, hold onto that cup — it might just become your favorite tool in your home coffee bar arsenal.