Forget Zoodles And Use A Mandolin To Make Eggplant Noodles

Making versatile pasta ribbons from zucchini is a popular way to cut back on carbs and add more vegetables to your life, but if you're looking for something new to shake up your noodle dishes, eggplant could be just the thing. The firm interior of the eggplant can be transformed into perfect noodles by cutting it on a mandolin with the julienne attachment. This speedy technique is more efficient than spiralizing zucchini, too, so you can be on your way to a skillet full of flavorful, tender eggplant noodles in no time.

We know that eggplant has a spongy texture that soaks up oil when it's fried, but in this case, that absorbent quality helps these noodles soak up the flavor of your noodle recipe. There's no need to salt and rinse the eggplant noodles first, even though many eggplant recipes call for it. In fact, this would make the noodles too soft and mushy, so you can cook them straight from the cutting board.

Substituting eggplant noodles in your favorite recipes

Eggplant should be peeled before slicing on the mandolin for the best result, because the noodles only need a quick toss in the pan, which would not be enough time to soften that tough purple exterior. Always use care with those sharp mandolin blades; we like to wear a cut-proof glove to make the process safer on the fingers! And if you find yourself without a mandolin, you can hand-carve an eggplant into fine julienne by cutting it into thin planks from top to bottom and then slicing the planks into strips.

Once you've got the eggplant prepared, you're just minutes away from a delicious pan of noodles. Eggplant noodles soften quickly over medium heat, so add them near the end of your recipe cooking time. This stir-fried noodle recipe with sesame would be a great way to start, simply add your eggplant noodles in place of the pre-cooked wheat noodles. Cacio e pepe flavors would also be a perfect pairing for eggplant noodles. You can soften the noodles in the butter used in the recipe, then add the cheese and pepper for a fast, umami-packed result. The noodles would also be a fun way to make a fresh twist on eggplant parmesan by sauteeing them in olive oil with plenty of parmesan and serving them atop your favorite marinara sauce.