Bacon Cones Turn Your Favorite Sweet And Savory Snacks Into Handheld Treats

Bacon is a fairly reliable crowd-pleaser for omnivorous party-goers. What better way to give the people what they want than making cones from the savory, crispy ingredient? Using bacon strips to create molds that can be filled with your choice of snacks is a fun and tasty way to showcase your culinary creativity and make hostessing easier.

Whether you use aluminum foil or ice cream sugar cones to serve as the foundation for your layered strips of bacon, handheld vessels made from meat will be a guaranteed hit at your next gathering. Bacon cones can be packed with nuts, chips, or cheese for savory appetizers, or be presented at the end of the evening filled with scoops of ice cream or brownies for a unique take on dessert. You may even want to offer bacon cones loaded with macaroni or mashed potatoes during sit-down meals. Once you've mastered the art of making these edible creations, you can go wild in the kitchen.

A hands-on approach to entertaining

Making bacon cones can take some time, but the results will be worth it. Be sure to wrap the strips of bacon tightly in a weave pattern so there aren't any spaces between the layers of meat. More is more when it comes to layering the bacon, so don't be afraid to double up strips so that the bacon completely covers whatever form you've chosen to hold the shape, like aluminum foil formed into a cone.

The bacon will turn crispy after about 15 minutes in the oven. Before packing each meaty cone with your choice of fillings, let them cool. You can offer empty cones for guests to fill with ingredients of their choosing or set pre-assembled snacks onto trays that can be quickly and easily grabbed to snack on. Since these crunchy, edible vessels can be used for a variety of recipes, you may want to make more cones than what you think you'll need at your party. Who knows what you'll cook up next!