Katie Lee Says This Is The Easiest Way To Upgrade A Mimosa - Exclusive

Katie Lee Biegel is known for creating incredible-looking recipes in her cookbooks and on the hit show "The Kitchen." Whether she's whipping up her pimiento cheese mashed potatoes or no-bake peanut butter cheesecake, it always looks delicious. What some might not know, however, is that Biegel's expertise extends to drinks — she is the co-founder of Kind of Wild wines.

She told us in an exclusive interview that the company produces completely organic wine that's free from harmful additives or preservatives. The West Virginia native revealed that not only does it taste good, but it also doesn't cause her to have the same headaches or sluggishness the next day after having a glass or two: "The ultimate win-win," she said.

Biegel is also fond of using wine in cocktails, especially citrusy drinks. Kind of Wild wines makes a sparkling wine that she explained is a "good low cal choice" and "bone dry," making it the ideal option for a mimosa brunch. But when we asked about the best way to upgrade this classic drink, she said the biggest difference comes from the juice — specifically, squeezing it fresh from Sumo oranges.

Use Sumo oranges to boost the flavor of this alcoholic beverage

Typically, a mimosa is just equal parts juice and sparkling wine, depending on your preference. Some twists on the recipe also use peach purée, apple cider, or even pomegranate juice. But when Katie Lee Biegel wants to take the flavor to the next level of a classic version, she puts down the bottled orange juice and relies on Sumo oranges.

"If I was going to make the ultimate mimosa, I am a super Sumo fan," she explained. "I would probably juice a Sumo and make a mimosa with that. It makes a huge difference."

These types of mandarin oranges hail originally from Japan and get their name from the bump around their stems, which resembles the shape of a traditional Sumo wrestler's top-knot hairstyle. Sumo oranges are known to be sweeter and larger than the normal variety of this fruit; they're also seedless and have a more citrusy taste that would blend perfectly with the bubbles of sparkling wine. Try this combination the next time you're at brunch and see how it makes your mimosas shine!

To order Katie Lee Biegel's organic wine, visit kindofwildwines.com. The new season of "The Kitchen" premieres Saturday, January 13 at 11:00 a.m. ET on Food Network.