Crush Cookies Into Pancake Batter For A Sweeter Morning Stack

Pancakes are one of the best breakfast options for those of us who crave something sweet in the morning. And while classic pancakes are delicious, sometimes they're just not sweet enough — even when dipped in maple syrup. Luckily, there's an easy way to fix this: Crush cookies into the pancake batter to make the stack even sweeter. They're a surefire way to impress your kids or just make for a more memorable morning meal. And if you use chocolate chip cookies, it'll taste like an upgraded version of chocolate chip pancakes, which are always a hit.

You can use either homemade cookies or a store-bought batch. Plus, you can choose any type of cookie — chocolate chip is a classic selection, but something like sugar cookies or Oreos will also work. Or, for a cinnamon-flavored pancake experience, crush up snickerdoodles.

Whatever type of cookie you choose, the process is simple — all you have to do is crush up the desired amount of cookies and add them to the pancake batter. You can eyeball the amount, just as you might when adding chocolate chips, to see approximately how many crushed cookies you want based on personal preferences. Then, cook on the stovetop for the normal amount of time you would for pancakes.

How to serve the cookie-infused pancakes

Since these cookie-infused pancakes will be sweeter than their traditional counterpart, you may not even need any additions to enjoy these. They could be sweet enough even for those with a major sweet tooth.

However, for those of us who want to go out, there are plenty of ways to upgrade these sweet pancakes even further. Of course, we have to mention the pancake's best friend, maple syrup, which will taste just as delicious atop the cookie-infused pancakes as it does over a regular stack of buttermilk pancakes. Along with the maple syrup (or in place of it), you could also add a dollop of whipped cream to indulge even more. Plus, to make it into the ultimate dessert, you could include sprinkles over the top. Some fresh fruit would also pair well with these sweetened-up pancakes — strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwis, and blackberries are all good options. Or, if you want something savory to balance out all the sweetness, add a side of bacon or sausage to the sweet pancake stack.