Buffalo Trace's Master Distiller Teams Up With Chris Stapleton To Debut New Traveller Whiskey

If you've heard Chris Stapleton's smooth rendition of "Tennessee Whiskey," it might not be surprising that established whiskey brand Buffalo Trace has tapped the Grammy-winning crooner for a collab. Leave it to the genius of Buffalo Trace's Master Distiller, Harlen Wheatley, to match Stapleton's soulful tunes with an equally captivating whiskey. Traveller Whiskey, a newly launched premium blend that celebrates the alliance between the singer and the award-winning whiskey brand, is such a sipper. 

"Some things just make total sense — and this is definitely one of those things," Stapleton said of the dream project in a press release shared with Tasting Table. Traveller, also the name of Stapleton's 2015 Grammy-winning solo debut, is a fitting name for the liquid product. After careful experimentation and multiple taste tests, the celebrity and whiskey label mash-up has culminated in an oaky, 90-proof whiskey blend that delivers subtle undertones of leather and sweet maple. 

The blend has a nose of vanilla and a buttery, sweet taste that's followed by a spicy, toasted finish that will leave drinkers reaching for the bottle. "When making art — and we really do think that both Chris' music and the whiskey we make at Buffalo Trace is art — you experiment, test, adjust, and don't give up until you've got it right," Wheatley said, estimating that over 50 blends were tasted before deciding upon the final combination that would be used to make Traveller Whiskey.  

Serving up bottles of smooth, accessible whiskey

Traveller Whiskey isn't the first project that has brought the singer and the brand together, however. Chris Stapleton was born near the Kentucky distillery, and the brand has supported fundraising efforts for some of his charitable activities. From the start, the goal for this whiskey-making endeavor was to create a blend that could be enjoyed by a wider audience, from the novice whiskey drinker to the collector and connoisseur. "This is a whiskey for everyone, whether you've been enjoying all the variety in the category for years or are just now discovering it," Harlen Wheatley explained in the press release.

Both master musician and distiller set out to create a whiskey that could not only be enjoyed when served neat at the end of a long day but could also be mixed into recipes, like an old fashioned cocktail, for beverages that are easy to put back. Bottles of Traveller Whiskey made their way into the hands of bartenders and retailers on January 1, 2024, so eager customers can expect to see the blend appear on shelves soon. With a suggested price of $39.99, this is a bottle that likely won't break any New Year's financial resolutions.