Add Pumpkin Puree To Cream Cheese For A Flavorful Spread

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pie, we all love a good pumpkin-flavored food. Pumpkin can be used to upgrade a plethora of food items — including cream cheese. If you're bored of plain cream cheese and want to switch it up, all you have to do is add a spoonful of pumpkin puree to your tub of cream cheese for a flavorful infusion. Plus, if you want to make the food version of a pumpkin spice latte, then you can add spices like cinnamon and nutmeg into the mixture.

If you don't want the whole tub to be spiced, you can just add spices to individual portions of the pumpkin cream cheese on an as-needed basis. If you want to go all out, you can whip up a homemade batch of freshly ground pumpkin pie spice. A plain bagel will be instantly elevated from boring to exciting with a spread of your custom pumpkin cream cheese. Or, you can double down on the pumpkin theme and spread the flavorful spread over a pumpkin bagel.

Other ways to use the pumpkin cream cheese

This custom cream cheese will taste delicious on plenty of different types of bagels, but once you've discovered the joys of homemade pumpkin cream cheese, there's no need to limit yourself to just using it on bagels. When it comes to breakfast, the pumpkin cream cheese can also be spread over your favorite type of toast as well as a fluffy stack of pancakes if you're tired of the typical maple syrup topping (or in addition to the syrup).

The pumpkin cream cheese can also be utilized in plenty of dessert recipes. For example, a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls often has a cream cheese frosting — so why not replace that with pumpkin cream cheese for a seasonal take on a classic dessert? For an extra dose of pumpkin flavor, you could spread the pumpkin cream cheese atop pumpkin spice cupcakes instead of traditional frosting.