Blend Blue Cheese With Mayo To Prevent It From Crumbling Off Your Sandwich

Blue cheese, with its bold and tangy personality, can amp up the flavor of any run-of-the-mill sandwich. However, the crumbly nature of this moldy cheese can sometimes make it a tricky addition, causing crumbles to tumble out with every bite. But with a simple technique, you can keep those blue cheese crumbles right where they belong — in your mouth.

An ingenious method to keep those blue cheese crumbles contained is by blending them into mayonnaise. This not only acts as a glue to hold the crumbles in place, but also imparts a rich, creamy texture and an extra layer of flavor to your sandwich. To create this delicious spread, simply mix blue cheese crumbles into a portion of mayonnaise. You can choose the level of integration based on your preference. For a more homogenous mixture, blend until smooth. If you prefer those delightful chunks of blue cheese, gently stir or mix the crumbles into the mayo, maintaining the larger bites for added texture. Spread this flavorful concoction onto your bread slices before assembling your sandwich. Not only does it act as an adhesive for the blue cheese crumbles, but it also infuses every bite with that distinctive blue cheese tang.

You can also carefully layer your sandwich

Another effective way to ensure your blue cheese crumbles stay put is through thoughtful layering. When assembling your sandwich, consider the order of ingredients. Start with a base layer, like lettuce or spinach, to act as a barrier between the crumbles and the bread. This not only prevents them from slipping through the bread's crevices, but it acts as a wider surface area to trap and enclose the crumbly cheese. While this method will work in a pinch, it certainly doesn't adhere the blue cheese to the sandwich the way a flavorful blue cheese spread will. 

Nonetheless, with this clever trick of mixing up your own spread with just a touch of mayo and blue cheese, you can enjoy the bold and tangy goodness in your sandwich without the hassle of falling cheese. So, go ahead and create your dream sandwich knowing that each bite will be a winning combination of flavors and textures that never misses a bite.