Club Soda Is The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Pairing For Fatty Steaks

Red meat with red wine is a classic wine and food pairing. Tannins play an important role in red wine, as they impact the level of astringency (usually referred to as a "dry" mouth feel). Drinking a dry red wine can greatly help with cutting through the fattiness and richness of a steak. But while this pairing works well, not everyone drinks alcohol. If you love eating steak but are not fond of alcohol, we have good news. Club soda can do the trick as well!

Just pour ordinary club soda into a glass, add some ice, lemon, or lime, and you're good. If you're eating an especially fatty cut of steak, the carbonation and tart flavor of the club soda, along with the acidity from the citrus is a perfect pairing to cut the richness. That's not all it can do, though. Another reason you should eat your steak with a carbonated beverage is that it helps you chew and swallow the steak more easily, by tenderizing the meat and relaxing the muscles in your throat. Have a drink if you've taken a big bite of steak, and it'll go down a lot more easily.

Other non-alcoholic drinks that you can pair with a fatty steak

While club soda is a popular and effective choice to pair with steak, it's by no means your only non-alcoholic option. Consider trying bold, Chinese black tea which has a robust tannin profile similar to red wine. The astringent tea will provide a nice contrast to the steak. Opt for unsweetened tea to get the maximum effect, but if it's too bitter for your taste, you can add a touch of sweetness. Avoid adding too much, however, since it may overpower the taste of the steak.

Other tasty non-alcoholic options include tart fruit juice, such as cranberry or cherry. These juices bring natural tangy flavors to the table and the light sweetness can act as a decent counterweight against the savory steak. Or, to get fancy, try sparkling water infused with fresh, aromatic herbs like rosemary or basil. Like club soda, the carbonation in sparkling water can make the steak more tender. Work through the list and see which non-alcoholic option suits your taste the best.