Jack In The Box's New Cookie Bar Is Geared Toward Oreo-Lovers

Oreo shakes are already a regular menu offering at Jack in the Box, and the chain is doubling down on cookie-based offerings with a newly released sweet treat: the Oreo Ultimate Cookie Bar. The recent dessert menu addition mixes the chocolate wafer cookies into a blondie (vanilla brownie) mixed with chocolate chips, all baked on an Oreo crust for that double hit of one of the most popular cookies in the United States. Participating Jack in the Box franchise stores are selling the soft brookie-style dessert for $3 for a limited time, although the price may vary according to location.

This is arguably the next step in a pattern for the fast food outlet. It has introduced various limited-time Oreo shakes during the year — an "ultimate" version that mixed the cookie crumbles with its chocolate shake and a mint-Oreo combination released in partnership with Mint Mobile around St. Patrick's Day. The menu shake-ups were apparently a winning combination for Jack in the Box because it has gone back to the Oreowell.

Limited-time offerings with star ingredients

Jack in the Box is trend-savvy, hitting all the social media channels with promotions and free food offerings, such as the recent 24 Days of Jackmas. Limited-time offerings are one of the best ways to drive interest and test new menu concepts according to Oreo's parent company, Mondelēz, making Jack's new cookie bar release a smart marketing move after the winter holiday period.

Oreo cookies are a classic snack, with more than 100 years of history and a huge number of flavor variations to choose from. Interestingly, one of the flavors is Brookie-O Brownie, which sounds more or less like a cookie equivalent of Jack in the Box's Oreo Ultimate Cookie Bar. But whether it's shakes or cakes, it stands to reason that eateries lean on brand recognition of the cookie when developing new recipes and menu items. According to a report by Tastewise, nearly 15% of all restaurants have an Oreo item listed on the menu.