Infuse Your Lemonade With Fresh Herbs For A Bolder Drink

Lemonade may be a fresh and delicious drink all by itself, but it also has the benefit of being easily customizable. The tartness of lemon is a perfect pairing with many fruit flavors and helps balance out their sweetness. Strawberry, mango, and blueberry lemonades are all classic combinations that line store shelves but that's only scratching the surface of tasty pairings. 

Some of the best versions are a little more subtle on their own, but deliver bold flavor when combined with herbs. Lemon and all kinds of fresh herbs are a classic pair in savory dishes, but ingredients like rosemary and basil can transform lemonade too. Unlike other flavors which can have their own sugar, they won't make your lemonade cloyingly sweet. 

The citrus brings out extra flavor in the herbs as well, so just a handful can go a long way in adding more complexity to your drink. The world of herbs is full of unique tasting profiles, with the ability to add not just earthy notes, but peppery, piney, and even spicy flavors.

Which types of herbs pair best with lemonade

As for which herbs work best with lemonade, that's up to you. A few sprigs of rosemary or mint are all you need to make an incredible-tasting drink. Make sure you muddle the herbs first, as that will help activate their oils and increase the pungency. Next, mix your herbs with your lemonade and let it steep for 30 minutes to an hour. Then just strain out the herbs and drink. 

If you're looking for a more earthy profile, try lemon verbena which doubles down on citrus while bringing a slightly sweet, grassy quality. For something a bit stronger, dried flowers like lavender and elderflower impart a complex flavor. However, if you're looking for a bit of heat, we suggest adding some thyme and ginger to your lemonade mix, which creates the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. 

With this type of drink, fresh herbs truly give you endless possibilities.