For Thick Milkshakes Without Ice Cream, Use High Fat Milk

Milkshakes are delicious and indulgent treats. Nothing is quite as satisfying as enjoying a thick, creamy shake — maybe with a few french fries dipped in as well. The consistency is important, which is why it can be frustrating to make a milkshake at home when you find yourself out of ice cream. When eliminating ice cream from your milkshake, the consistency of the shake is likely to turn out thinner and more watery. In order to solve this issue, all you need to do is opt for a high fat milk to restore your milkshake to its luscious texture.

In a traditional, old-fashioned milkshake recipe, ice cream is the star ingredient. This is because ice cream, especially quality ice cream, contains a lot of fat, anywhere from 7 to 13 grams of it. This fat is what gives ice cream — and by extension the milkshake — its velvety texture and thick consistency. In order for a shake without ice cream to have a similar outcome, all of that fat needs to be replaced in one way or another. This is where a high fat milk like whole milk comes into play. One cup of whole milk has about 8 grams of fat, meaning it will replace all of the fat you would normally seek out in a milkshake and provide plenty of creaminess.

Other ways to add fat to milkshakes

Full fat milk is an excellent solution for many people, but perhaps you are eliminating ice cream from your milkshakes because you have a condition or lifestyle that prevents you from consuming dairy entirely. In this case, don't worry; you aren't doomed to a life of runny shakes. You simply have to use a different ingredient to replace the fat that would usually come from the ice cream.

There are many kinds of nut milk alternatives to dairy, some of which, like hazelnut or walnut milk, can have as much or more fat than whole milk. These alternatives can also be found in the form of non-dairy ice cream. If you would like to branch out beyond simple milk substitutes, plenty of other delicious ingredients will add flavor and fat to your milkshake. Nut butters provide a rich and creamy texture while also bringing a sweet, satisfying boost of flavor. We also recommend trying coconut cream for a thick, luxurious outcome with a bit of tropical flavor, or avocado for a neutral kick of yummy fats.