Transform Leftover Prime Rib Into A Sandwich That Tastes Brand New

Prime rib makes for one decadent dish — one so delicious that all of your guests will be coming back for seconds. With this in mind, you'll want to make a big batch next time you whip up prime rib for dinner. However, this could easily lead to you overestimating, even considering guests taking on second portions or how much you will need, and ultimately ending up with leftovers. Of course, leftovers of a delicious dish are nothing to fret over. And when it comes to leftover prime rib, we highly recommend turning it into a sandwich.

By adding toppings and placing the meat between bread, you'll get to experience prime rib in a whole new light. In other words, it won't taste like the same dish, but rather a second (but just as delicious) meal. Plus, you can use the opportunity to use up veggies or other ingredients that have been sitting in your fridge and have days left before they go bad.

So what else should you put in your prime rib sandwich?

Ideas for making a leftover prime rib sandwich

First things first, you'll need to pick out the bread for the sandwich. Just about every type of bread will work well, so feel free to use up what you have. But, if given the choice, something like a fresh, soft hoagie roll would be a perfect fit. The juicy meat will seep into the bread, making for one tasty combo.

Next up are the toppings. Maybe you want to go with an all-out Cuban sandwich — replacing the slow-cooked pork and ham slices with prime rib — and include dill pickles, Swiss cheese, and mustard. Or, you could use Tasting Table's recipe for a Mexican pork torta as inspiration, which includes Jack cheese, avocado, cabbage, and freshly made jalapeño salsa.

As mentioned above, this sandwich is the perfect opportunity to use up some veggies you've been meaning to cook with. Some veggies that work well as toppings include grilled onion, grilled bell pepper, and just about any type of lettuce. You can keep your condiments simple by using mayonnaise or mustard, but you can also whip up your favorite homemade aioli.