Vienna's Fenster Café Serves Lattes In Waffle Cones For A Sweet And Creative Crunch

For those agonizing moments when you can't decide whether you'd prefer your favorite latte order or a bite of something chocolately sweet, Vienna's Fenster Café has you covered. Life is short, so why choose? Order a Fensterccino, a latte served inside a handmade waffle cone that has been dipped in fine Belgian chocolate. The treat will cost about $12, but the enjoyment of savoring a freshly poured burst of caffeine along with a chocolate-layered waffle cone can't be beaten. 

Started in 2011, Fenster Café is a small yet mighty operation. Fenster is German for window, and that's just what this place is. If you arrive looking for food or seats to relax, you're out of luck. The cafe is a streetside walk-up window located in a house that was built hundreds of years ago. Only coffee is available here, but both local and visiting customers alike are dedicated. Owner Sashko Iamkovyi estimates that over 130,000 coffee orders are filled each year, and the Fensterccino remains the most popular drink.

Great coffee in a unique package

Baristas at Fenster Café pour milky lattes directly into cones that have been dipped in chocolate. Of course, the cafe's baristas are experienced latte artists, so your coffee-filled cones will be Instagram-ready with impressive latte art like rosettas, hearts, and flower designs.

As you drink your coffee from the cone, the chocolate on the inside of the cone melts and subtly flavors your drink. Your challenge is not to bite the cone before your coffee is finished. After you have drained the beverage, the crispy container it is delivered in can be snacked on. Not only will you not have a cup to wash or throw away, but your cravings for an afternoon pick-me-up will surely be silenced, and your social media feeds can be updated with your picture-perfect purchase. If you're more of a coffee purist, the folks at Fenster Café change roasts to keep palates guessing and regulars coming back for their daily fix, with 95-cent espressos keeping wallets equally pleased.