12 Absolute Best Pizza Spots In St. Louis

With an Italian heritage that runs deep, it is only natural that St. Louis's pizza scene is one worth exploring. In fact, this Midwestern city has even formed its own style of pizza. Despite its local popularity, a classic St. Louis pizza remains relatively unknown outside the region, like many pizza styles from across the U.S

Around the late 19th century, Italians, mostly from the northern region of Lombardy, began immigrating to St. Louis to work in clay mines. Decades before this, Italians laid claim to a section of the city, locally known as "The Hill." Green, red, and white markings of the Italian flags line the streets of the historic Hill neighborhood today, where one can find rows of family trattorias, serving up Italian favorites with a St. Louis twist. 

With my extended family on my mom's side based in St. Louis, I've frequented the area more times than I can count. From hole-in-the-wall pizzerias serving up reliably tasty, crispy, and thin St. Louis-style pizza (or 'za to the locals) to the more refined restaurants specializing in Neapolitan crust topped with melted fior di latte, I've tasted them all. I've rounded up 12 pizza spots worth a visit should you find yourself in the Gateway to the West.

Imo's Pizza

If you are looking to sample the king of St. Louis-style pizza, look no further than Imo's Pizza. There is nothing extravagant about Imo's, St. Louis's iconic pizza joint whose founders were the masterminds behind the original St. Louis pizza. Now with locations dotted across Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas, this formerly family-run eatery has become a region-wide monolith. Nonetheless, Imo's remains consistently tasty and an unmissable stop on the St. Louis pizza trail.

What exactly is St. Louis-style pizza, as defined by Imo's? A thin and crunchy cracker-like crust made from unleavened dough, homemade sauce, Provel cheese, and toppings that go to the very edge of the crust. St. Louis-style pizza is always cut into squares. Imo's first opened in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis in 1964 by a couple living on the Hill. About two decades later, Imo's expanded to thirty shops and now many more. As the business expanded, pizzas started shipping for the crusts to become available for purchase in regional stores. Other St. Louis favorites like provel bites and toasted ravioli were added to the menu.

Imo's pizzas come in four different sizes and are entirely customizable. On top of your saucy, cheesy base, add on bacon (a St. Louis favorite), pepperoncini, black olives, mushrooms, or your go-to ingredient combo! This thin-crusted pizza makes for a perfect takeaway meal for family parties, game nights, or Friday movie nights.


Many locations across MO, IL, and KS


Louie, a small Italian eatery in the DeMun neighborhood, truly embodies understated elegance, from its paintings, photographs, and plates decorating the walls, to its minimalistic but carefully curated menu. It's no wonder that Louie has won best restaurant in St. Louis on numerous occasions. 

The small and focused menu offers many dishes, but the wood-fired pizzas are easily the stars. The dough is light and the crust is bubbly, airy, and lightly charred to perfection in a searing hot oven. With just five pizzas to choose from, the toppings strike a balance between simplicity and innovation. A short list doesn't make your choice any easier though. Classic margherita; broccolini paired with ricotta and Calabrian chili; and a verde pizza with pickled green tomato are a few of your mouthwatering choices. You really can't go wrong with any of them.

So, it's best to bring a friend (or two or three), order a few 'zas, add in a bottle of wine from Louie's list featuring Italian wines from Sardinia to Piedmont and everywhere in between, and share them among the table. Finish it off with an amaro, and you're in for a treat.


(314) 300-8188

706 DeMun Ave, Clayton, MO 63105

Pizzeria da Gloria

Pizzeria da Gloria stands out on The Hil among the other establishments in St. Louis' historic Italian neighborhood, especially when it comes to pizza. Joe Kurowski, Pizzeria da Gloria's owner and pizzaiolo, is said to draw inspiration from his many stints in Italy and New York, as well as eating in his hometown. The result? Massive, wood-fired pizzas that are a little bit St. Louis, a little bit New York, and a little bit Italy.

Pizzeria da Gloria's pies are simple and anything but ordinary. You can stick with the classics or go for one of Gloria's signature blends. Pizza topped with pumpkin vodka sauce topped with mozzarella, pecorino, and basil is an option that's as tasty as it is intriguing. The "bonci" is a vegan option featuring delicate slices of eggplant, garlic chili oil, and parsley. Don't let the lack of cheese deter you. This pizza is so scrumptious you won't even notice. Add on an arugula salad to get in your greens. If pizza makes you thirsty, Pizzeria da Gloria's focused drinks list features small distillers and several small-batch and natural wineries.


(314) 833-3734

2024 Marconi Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110


Noto has mastered the art of Neapolitan pizza. Not so many years ago — just back in 2017 — a husband and wife duo operated a mobile pizza truck. The Sieves fell for the style of pizza during their many trips to Italy, which included Naples, the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza.

The food truck became so popular that the Sieves turned it into a permanent establishment. At the start of 2020, Noto opened its doors in the same spot as its well-loved Italian bakery. The handcrafted wood-fired oven — the key difference between Neapolitan Pizza and New York Pizza — situated in the center of the space is a dead giveaway. Dangerously delicious pizzas are served here.

The dough rises to bubbly perfection in the searing hot oven in just 90 seconds. Each pizza is handcrafted with high-quality ingredients, including crushed San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella as the base. The "Bufalina", using imported buffalo mozzarella cheese and Sicilian sea salt embodies simple perfection. Looking to experiment? Go for the apricot and nduja or the fig jam and prosciutto. Pair it with an effervescent glass of lambrusco or barbera. You may want to save room for a scoop of gelato to top it off.


(636) 317-1143

5105 Westwood Dr, St. Peters, MO 63304

Pizza Head

Pizza Head is as trendy as it is affordable and is the spot to go for pizza-loving vegetarians. This wildly popular joint has been serving thin-crust, New York-style pizzas since 2017. Over those years, it's won a few awards for its delectable, all-vegetarian New York pies. The lines around the block should be indication enough that Pizza Head is worth the wait. Not a cheese eater? Don't fret — vegan options are also available.

At the moment, this South Grand business is to-go only. Choose between 20-inch pizzas or individual slices. The by-the-slice menu is short and to the point: vegetarian pepperoni, cheese, vegan pepperoni, or a rotating vegan slice. Whole pizzas are customizable with favorite veg toppings like artichoke, black olives, pineapple, and jalapeño. Feeling thirsty? Add a can of beer or kombucha on tap from local company Confluence Kombucha. That's it, that's what they offer. This neighborhood favorite makes your choice simple, but also oh-so tasty.

Community is also at the heart of this neighborhood pizza spot. Each Monday, Pizza Head features a rotating pizza and 50% of the proceeds go to support a local nonprofit. And at the end of the day, leftover and imperfect pizzas are donated to food shares. Throughout the week, they also feature special pizzas in collaboration with local businesses: Keep your eye out for specials like mac and cheese pie and tikka masala pie.


(314) 266-5400

3196 South Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63118

That's'a Nice'a Pizza

That's'a Nice'a Pizza is anything but fancy but that's what makes it extra nice. This hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is meant for taking out and not dining in. For as long as it has been operating, this unpretentious spot has been heralded as a local favorite for St. Louis-style pizza. Over the years, it has been consistent and reliable and has never wavered in its pizza style or quality.

A homemade tomato sauce is spread from edge to edge on the crispy, thin crust. Crust sizes are also customizable. That's'a Nice'a is a choose-your-own-topping type of establishment. For something local, try the bacon and onion combo. The bacon comes in full strips and is extra crispy. Veggies can play it safe with mushrooms and black olives. Or for a spicy twist, try a pepperoncini, pepperoni, and onion pizza. Top it with your chosen cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, or provel. For a true St. Louis experience, it's a must to go with Provel.

Still hungry? That's'a Nice'a cooks up a range of bar-snack style sides like wings, garlic bread, and mozzarella sticks. Stick with the local cuisine and add an order of St. Louis' famous toasted ravioli to pair with your pizza.


(314) 722-3121

11726 Baptist Church Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128

Casa Don Alfonso

Café Don Alfonso's story started on the Sorrento Coast in the late 19th century. This fourth-generation family establishment crafts recipes echoing the character, hills, sea, and flavors of the Mediterranean. The family's flagship in Italy is translated into an elegant space tucked into the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis, still reflecting the seasonal ingredients and vibrant colors of the Sorrento Coast.

While pizza is not the only thing that Don Alfonso excels at, the pizzas certainly will leave a lasting impression. The wood-fired pizza oven will instantly transport you to the streets of Naples. Casa Don Alfonso has perfected the art of Napoletana-style dough. The organic sourdough dough is proofed for 48 hours, resulting in airy, bubbly deliciousness.

Opt for a classic pie topped with the simple goodness of basil and fior di latte — a specific type of mozzarella cheese – or spice it up with soppressata piccante, a sinfully delicious spicy nduja sausage. If you're really after a splurge, go for the black truffle pizza topped with mozzarella and bechamel. Savor every last bite and then lick your fingers clean. To top it off, Casa Don Alfonso creatively crafts cocktails infused with Italian liquors. Wine lovers are spoilt for choice with a 3,000-plus wine list to choose from, including an extensive section dedicated to some of Italy's leading vintners.


(314) 719-1496

100 Carondelet Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63105

Katie's Pizza and Pasta Osteria

Katie's Pizza and Pasta Osteria is an award-winning, family-owned restaurant that has often been lauded as among the "best pizza" in St. Louis. The pizzeria's namesake owner, Katie Collier, adopts an approachable and modern interpretation of Italian cuisine. Fresh, local ingredients take center stage in her recipes. The inspiration behind Katie's Pizza and Pasta? Once upon a time, Collier lived in Florence with her artist mother for a while. Ever since, she dreamed of bringing handmade, Neapolitan-style pizza to St. Louis.

The first iteration came in the form of Katie's Pizzeria in 2008. Over the years, a few more locations opened and then COVID hit. Amidst a nationwide shutdown of in-restaurant dining, Collier and her team started freezing and selling their pizzas. Katie's Pizza frozen line is now available at grocery stores across the greater St. Louis area to satisfy your pizza-on-the-go needs.

Should you choose to dine in at one of Katie's three locations, you will be spoilt for choice with delicious and creative pizza toppings. Traditional pizza lovers may go for elevated versions of classics, such as the pesto quattro formaggio or the margherita olio di bufala. More adventurous foodies will have their work cut out for them. Pair your perfect pie with one of Katie's burrata sides. Buon appetito!


Several locations across the greater St. Louis area


If you like to keep an eye on your pizzas in this oven, this contemporary trattoria in Clayton is made for you. Pastaria has an open kitchen where you can peek at pizzas baking while chowing down on your 'za. Within the four walls of Pastaria, Chef Craft has created a no-fuss dining space that draws on true Italian recipes and serves up some of the best wood-fired pies in town.

For those looking to stick to the basics, go for the no-tomato four cheese or the Roman, a pizza topped with tasty strips of bacon and a sprinkling of chili flakes. If you're feeling a bit fancy, try the roasted mushroom with thyme layered on top of an indulgent bechamel sauce. And to taste something entirely unexpected, seize the day and order the Carpe Lemon "Squeeze the Day." This pizza is a citrusy, herbaceous concoction topped with lemon ricotta, roasted Swiss chard, mozzarella, fennel frond, and dill garnish. Wash it down with a glass of one of Pastaria's selections from small-scale and natural-focused vineyards.


(314) 862-6603

7734 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105

Pi Pizza

This Central West End pizza joint has mastered the art of reliably good pizza in a modern setting. Pi's Pizza will satisfy families, college students, and hipster crowds alike and happens to be one of the only spots in town serving up deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza.

Over the years, Pi has stacked up several awards for its deep-dish pies that rival those from the windy city. Pi's deep-dish crusts are made with cornmeal, topped with a gooey layer of cheese, with a final layer of sauce and chosen ingredients on top. If deep-dish isn't your jam, fear not because Pi makes some tasty thin-crust pizzas as well.

Design your pizza, topping your preferred crust with ingredients like BBQ sauce, roasted chicken, meatballs, and kalamata olives. To make your choice easier, you can also select one of Pi's specialty 'zas. Veggies may love the Mediterranean flavors of "Lincoln Park," combining mozzarella, tomato, zucchini, feta, basil, and garlic olive oil. Meatheads go crazy for "The Hill," a fun blend of salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, green pepper, kalamata olives, onion, and banana pepper. Pi Pizza's pies pair perfectly with craft beers. And you're in luck because the pizza joint has a solid selection of craft brews to choose from.


(314) 367-4300

400 N Euclid Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108


Edera, which is Italian for "ivy," is a modern Italian eatery. In addition to some mouthwatering pasta dishes, salads, and roasted vegetable sides, Edera also happens to have some phenomenal, highly sought-after Neapolitan-style pizzas.

Chef Andrew Simon has created a space that is at once elevated and approachable. While the atmosphere is casual and inviting, the food is refined and memorable. Carefully sourced products are brought from Italy to St. Louis to ensure the dishes are high-quality. Edera's menu features several standout pizzas that are sure to leave you hungry for more. At first glance, the pizza menu appears classic, but it is anything but boring. Nduja sausage paired with honey and oregano, tomato jam and pancetta, and roasted mushrooms and herbs are just a few of the pizza choices that bring forth the earthy, rich flavors of Italy.

Dig into your pizza surrounded by the towering walls entwined with Edera's namesake ivy. The courtyard will transport you to the likes of a dreamy Italian village while you savor each bite. Don't forget to save room for the rotating offerings of gelato.


(314) 361-7227

48 Maryland Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63108

Frank and Helen's Pizzeria

Not too many of the OG's from St. Louis's pizza scene are still standing. However, Frank and Helen's Pizzeria is one of St. Louis' longest-standing pizza restaurants, welcoming customers since 1956. This brother and sister duo, along with Frank's wife Betty, created a family pizza tradition that was passed down between generations. For decades, this family pizzeria has been a favorite in St. Louis's University City neighborhood.

Frank and Helen's bakes thin-crust pies that are straightforward and to the point. It's also a design-your-own-pie type of pizza joint. Pick your pizza size and choose to top it with tomato sauce, pesto, olive oil, or BBQ sauce. Add traditional toppings like green peppers, black olives, sausage, and mushrooms, and sprinkle on mozzarella, cheddar, or St. Louis cheese. Frank and Helen's still keeps up with the times by offering gluten-free and vegan pizza options as well as classic offerings.


(314) 997-0666

8111 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130


My mom's side of the family is from St. Louis, so during my childhood, I paid the city regular visits during the summer and winter holidays. As an adult, my mom moved back to the city, meaning I continued to spend time in St. Louis and naturally dug into the food scene. I visited places associated with childhood nostalgia and expanded my range with a more refined palate. This, of course, means sampling the many pizzerias throughout the city and tasting my way through the Hill and beyond. 

To round out my personal experience, I conducted online research and made my selections based on reviews and ratings, as well as spots that have won awards in local and national food publications.