The Whiskey Flip Cocktail Requires A Whole Egg For Velvety Smooth Sipping

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a flip cocktail refers to any mixed drink that contains an egg (usually a whole egg, but sometimes just the yolk) that has been shaken together with a spirit or fortified wine and sweetened (typically with sugar). The flip cocktail dates back to the 17th century, where the first of its kind contained rum, molasses, and ale, as well as the whole egg. The ale was often warmed, making the flip into a hot drink. Over time, the ale was removed from the mix and it evolved into being served cold.

One flip cocktail is the whiskey flip, which consists of whiskey, a whole egg, heavy cream, superfine sugar, and ice, along with nutmeg grated over the top. Occasionally, a small portion of rum is added into the drink.

It may seem daunting to include a whole egg in the drink — you may be wondering if the egg makes it complicated to make. However, the process of making a whiskey flip is quite easy and straightforward, as long as you have a cocktail shaker. All you have to do is throw all of the ingredients into the shaker, then shake vigorously. Some recipes may have you do a dry shake first, which means shaking the ingredients without the ice, then adding in the ice for a second shake. The two shake method is simply to make sure that the egg fully emulsifies.

Why does the flip need to contain an egg?

You may be wondering why any drink would need to include an egg — after all, when we think of an egg, we think of eating it for breakfast or using it as an ingredient for baking, not sipping on it in a cocktail. Well, back when the flip cocktail was first invented in the 17th century, it's said that it was created as a health tonic for sailors, which explains why an egg was included in the first place. But why do modern recipes of flip cocktails continue using the egg?

Well, the egg is what's responsible for the creamy texture that flips are known for. Specifically, the egg whites are what lead to the foamy, white top of flip cocktails — the foaminess makes way for the drink to taste rich and full. Meanwhile, when it's included, the egg yolk adds a rich flavor that is similar to eggnog — another notable drink that utilizes egg — which contributes to the unique quality of the drink. 

The whiskey flip cocktail can be your jumping off point into an entire world of creamy cocktails that will have you considering eggs to be an essential component of your home bar.