Dunkin's 2024 Winter Menu Features A New Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

To help banish winter blues, Dunkin' has a new lineup of choices that will give even the staunchest grinch among us reasons to smile. Combining the flavors of white chocolate and hazelnut into one, White Hazelnut Bark Coffee is the chain's latest menu addition aimed at coffee lovers, available from December 27 onwards. This drink arrives in addition to returning favorites like the Pink Velvet Macchiato and the Pancake Wake-Up Wrap, designed to brighten grey or snowy midweek mornings until things start to heat up again.

According to Dunkin', the creation of the White Hazelnut Bark Coffee recipe stems from the brand's Toasted White Chocolate Swirl, a menu item with plenty of fans. Whether you prefer to drink your coffee order iced or steaming, the toasted hazelnut and milky white chocolate flavors can be prepared to your liking. The new coffee is a seasonal offering, however, so you will want to try the drink before the weather gets warm. 

Bringing sweetness into winter days

In addition to the Pink Velvet and White Hazelnut Bark coffee drinks, a new Frosty Red Velvet Specialty Donut will appear in stores. This red cakey donut is topped with vanilla icing and cream cheese sprinkles to make a decadent treat. To complement your hazelnutty coffee with something on the more savory side, the Pancake Wake-Up Wrap serves up bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese inside of a pancake. Maple syrup is offered on the side so you can choose whether to dip your wrap or enjoy it straight on the go. Also making a comeback is Dunkin's Sweet Black Pepper Seasoned Bacon. It appears in a sandwich and in portions of Snackin' Bacon, too, both of which can also make for a satisfying coffee pairing to munch on in between sips. 

Also starting December 27, anyone signing up for a Dunkin' Rewards membership will get a free medium beverage with their first rewards purchase. The offer might be the perfect time to try some of the new seasonal menu offerings. For those with existing rewards accounts, the chain is dishing out savings on medium coffee orders in the new year, so you can try the nutty white chocolate coffee along with your favorite donuts without needing to blow your budget.