Frozen Sweet Potatoes Are The Unexpected Twist For Heartier Smoothies

A staple autumn crop, sweet potatoes are in season from late August until Thanksgiving. This certainly makes them one of our top "cozy" foods to reach for when temperatures start to drop, but there's so much more to this powerhouse vegetable than just a turkey day side dish. In fact, sweet potatoes can be eaten year-round, so there's no reason we shouldn't have them on our spring and summertime radars.

But who wants to be baking hot comfort food in the oven during the summer? You'll be glad to hear that with our sweet potato smoothie recipe, you don't have to have to think twice about an oven. Here, frozen and cubed sweet potatoes are the star of the show. With complementing ingredients like bananas, medjool dates, almond butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, this is a smoothie that's perfectly balanced for any time of the year. Putting taste aside, it's also packed with health benefits. "This would make a great breakfast," Tasting Table recipe developer Hayley MacLean says. "It's full of protein and healthy fats, and plenty of complex carbs to fuel your day — especially on some of these dull autumn mornings!"

Whipping up a sweet potato smoothie is as simple as making fruit smoothies. Simply toss a bag of frozen sweet potatoes in the blender with other ingredients and combine until it becomes a rich, creamy mixture (the velvety texture of a sweet potato makes this an even better option, as its puree is silky and smooth).

Putting your own twist on a sweet potato smoothie

Making a sweet potato smoothie your own is quite easy. You can add in other spices and ingredients like ginger, turmeric for its superfood qualities, hemp seeds for protein, maple syrup or honey for sweetening, or even frozen cauliflower rice for some additional heartiness. You can play around with the sweetness and have your smoothie tasting like a slice of sweet potato pie, or you can leave it on the more mild and savory side.

Since you're already getting so much nutrition and fullness from this beverage, sides likely won't be necessary, but if you do need a little something more, reaching for greens is a great way to balance the creaminess of the smoothie. Sauteed greens like kale, spinach, and collards are actually a wonderful addition to any breakfast because they set the tone of continuing the day with full-bodied meals. Or, add the greens into some scrambled eggs — along with goat cheese and seasonings — and you have yourself a complete breakfast.