Transform Canned Chicken Tortilla Soup Into A Thick And Creamy Dip

Canned foods are great for when you need a quick and easy meal, but their purpose doesn't stop there. You can also get creative with canned foods to whip up a seemingly complex show-stopping dish with very little effort. For example, take canned chicken tortilla soup. You could just heat it up and eat it as is, or you could transform it into a delicious, thick, and creamy dip.

Besides the canned soup, the only ingredients you need are cream cheese and your choice of shredded cheese. You can keep it simple with just one choice of cheese, such as cheddar, or you can have fun finding the right combination of cheeses — maybe mozzarella and cotija or Oaxaca and Monterey jack. If you don't have time to shred the cheese yourself, you can always use a premade package, such as a shredded Mexican blend.

Just add all of the ingredients to a slow cooker and let the concoction cook until it starts bubbling. The consistency will now be much thicker, creamier, and ready for dipping. So, what should you dip into the just-made chicken tortilla soup dip?

What to pair with the cheesy, creamy chicken tortilla soup dip

The chicken tortilla soup dip is going to have plenty of flavor all on its own, so you can definitely keep it simple when it comes to pairing it with foods for dipping. For example, you can't go wrong with some freshly toasted bread — maybe sourdough or French bread. If you cut the bread yourself, be sure to cut thick, hefty pieces that can handle the thickness of the dip.

Of course, what better to pair with chicken tortilla soup than, well, tortilla chips? Tortilla chips are the perfect vessel for just about any dip. For this dip in particular — with the chicken, the veggies, and the cheesiness — using tortilla chips will basically taste like another form of nachos. You can even make a batch of tortilla chips at home. To get you started, you could test out Tasting Table's recipe for homemade chili lime tortilla chips. If you're looking for a healthier alternative, you can use raw vegetables (such as sliced bell pepper, celery, or even cucumber) as a dipping vessel for the thickened chicken tortilla soup.