The Suprisingly Simple Hack For Getting Baked Beans Out Of The Can Faster

Opening a can of baked beans can be a messy affair, with the sticky, sweet beans clinging to the interior of the can, making the process less than enjoyable. But what if there was a simple hack that could make this task much easier? A clever approach that turns conventional wisdom on its head — literally — is to go bottoms-up when approaching this problem.

The secret behind this technique lies in the fact that baked beans, like many canned foods, tend to settle at the bottom of the can during storage. The thick, flavorful beans gravitate towards the lower portion, leaving the liquid at the top. By opening the can from the bottom, you can take advantage of this natural separation, allowing the beans to slide out effortlessly while leaving the excess liquid behind.

To execute this method, flip the can upside down and use a can opener to cut away the flat bottom of the can. Once opened, turn the can right side up, and watch as the beans gracefully exit, saving you from having to root around in the depths of the can with a rubber spatula extracting every last baked bean.

Bottoms up all around

While the bottom-opening technique is particularly effective for baked beans with their extra sticky sauce of molasses, brown sugar, or both, its utility extends far beyond this beloved pantry item. This innovative approach can be applied to all types of canned beans, as they all share a similar tendency to settle at the bottom of their respective cans. The cooked beans at the bottom of the can eventually become gluey as they are piled on top of and macerated in the liquid. This leads to them sticking to the side of the can or — much more onerous — sticking together in a large clump.

Let's say that the can of baked beans can't be opened from the bottom due to its design. The workaround here is straightforward: Simply store the can of beans — baked or otherwise — upside down. Gravity comes into play, prompting the beans to gather at the lid. When you flip it right side up, the beans are conveniently located near the opening.

The bottom-opening or upside-down storage moves may seem like small and unconventional tweaks, but they ensure a smoother cooking experience, allowing you to focus on mealtime without the hassle of finding a tool to ensure you make the most of a can's contents. And, it's the small changes that make a big difference.