Starbucks' Brigadeiro Frappuccino Puts A Tasty Spin On The Brazilian Dessert

Brigadeiros are specialty chocolates made in Brazil. Made up of chilled condensed milk and cocoa powder rolled into spheres and then covered in various toppings like chocolate sprinkles, crunchy sea salt, almond slivers, cinnamon, or crystallized ginger, these soft, fudgy pieces offer bite-sized luxury any time of the day. Admittedly, these easy-to-devour treats are difficult to put down once you start snacking. Leave it to Starbucks to figure out how to convert the decadent recipe into a liquid form. 

To make an order for a Brigadeiro Frappuccino, Brazilian Starbucks baristas mix up the drink recipe with both regular and white mocha sauces, coffee, milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and chocolate chips. Before pouring the blended beverage into cups, baristas line each container with specially prepared brigadeiro sauce. Then, they top it off with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. 

Upon request, customers can also customize their drinks with various milk options, drizzles of caramel, flavored whipped creams, dustings of cocoa or cinnamon, or a sprinkle of salt. The Brigadeiro Frappuccino is definitely an international Starbucks drink we wish was available worldwide. This kind of order might be worth a trip to Brazil to experience. 

Upgrade your coffee with a taste of Brazil

Sadly, brigadeiro-flavored Frappuccinos are difficult to come by outside of Brazil — unless you'd like to try replicating the recipe for yourself at home. If you can't see yourself planning a trip to South America, consider splurging in your kitchen instead, and set out the ingredients you need to blend up your own makeshift Starbucks Brigadeiro Frappuccino at home. For a double dose of decadence, make a batch of the Brazilian truffles, like these chocolate-cinnamon brigadeiros, to complement your blended beverage. 

Regardless of the kinds of recipes you attempt, these chocolate treats are meant to be shared and enjoyed. Though fudgy brigadeiro pieces are often found at birthday parties or served after dinner, there's no one saying you can't enjoy a morning coffee drink flavored like a chocolate Brazilian truffle. Add homemade whipped cream and a generous coating of chocolate sprinkles, and you may even give your local Starbucks baristas some seriously sweet competition.