The Type Of Bread You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The trend of baking bread during the COVID-19 pandemic has only spread into the present day, where we find consumers leaning more and more towards more artisanal options. The use of ancient grains, sourdough starters, and alternative flours are all to thank for it — and you can find them all and more at your local, small-scale bakery. There, you'll bask in the unique flavors — think additions like miso, sesame, and crispy quinoa — that will have you thinking twice before buying your baked goods at the grocery store ever again.

As you can imagine, the rise of artisanal bread-baking has expanded many of our limitations of what bread can be. Add that to the regional styles found around the world, and it's clear that the bread you choose can say a lot about you. Do you prefer a dense rye, or an airy, crusty sourdough? A seeded, whole wheat or a gluten-free, buckwheat variety? Is your afternoon soup and salad combo elevated by the addition of a fresh baguette? Or is your avocado toast that much better with a cheesy, garlicky substitution? There's no wrong answer here.

Just like the zodiacs, no bread is better than the other — even though some may have qualities that are more applicable to certain situations. That's just life. But, that's also how we can determine the type of bread you'd be, based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to find out which one your sign might be.


It's no coincidence that the Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. These signs are known for being competitive, and they strive to be number one in every other aspect of their lives too. Seeing as the Aries is represented by the ram and is known for going headfirst into whatever they set their mind to, the type of bread this sign would be is pretty straightforward. To satisfy this fire sign's competitive streak, they would be what's arguably the most iconic type of bread of all: the French baguette. Why? As we said, they want to be number one — and no bread rivals this one in notoriety.

The baguette is the bread of all breads — in France, at least. But, even so, no other type of bread can say it's a symbol of an entire country, nor protected under the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The baguette's origins are actually closely tied to the French Revolution, and the riots that catapulted it began as a search for hoards of grains that the people suspected were being stocked away. In so, these long, thin loaves have been around since King Louis XIV, and they're as common today as they ever were then. In Paris, there are boulangeries that sell them on every corner. But, they're a staple type of bread at bakeries outside of France, too.


Tauruses value stability and routine — they themselves are known to be incredibly reliable people. Albeit, they're also known for being impeccably stubborn. But, for this sign at least, the two go hand in hand. Tauruses tend to stick to what they know and like, and, in turn, they're able to show up as the calming, levelheaded, and grounded friends that we know them to be. That's why, if these signs were any type of bread, they'd be one that everyone could rely on — and not just the gluten-tolerant. That's why, if they were any type of bread, they'd be a gluten-free one.

However, the Taurus couldn't just be any type of gluten-free bread. If you didn't know, not every gluten-less bread option delivers the flavor, texture, and quality you might expect. That's why they're the gluten-free bread Tasting Table ranked as the best: Schar's gluten-free, artisan white bread. It's fitting, considering that white bread is the most universal. This one's special, though, because it's said to be the closest-tasting gluten-less alternative to traditional sandwich bread. Plus, you can order it on Amazon, so you can always rely on getting your restock.


While the Gemini might not have the greatest of reputations among the zodiac community — they're often accused of being two-faced — they are also known for something positive: Being good communicators. Because these signs are so curious, not only do they have a running list of hobbies and interests, but they're also really good at collecting information. Geminis are also particularly social, so they'll take great pleasure in sharing what they find with others, whether that be in writing or in spoken word.

That being said, Geminis may not be the signs you tell your deepest darkest secrets to, but they are known for bringing people together. So, naturally, the type of bread this zodiac would be does too. That's why they'd be injera, a soft, spongey type of bread traditional to Ethiopia. The bread is served communally and topped with a variety of flavorful vegetarian stews in what's known as Ethiopian beyaynetu, and meats. Traditionally, people gather around it and tear pieces of the injera off by hand before dipping them into the stew all while enjoying the company and conversation.


Despite being represented by crabs, Cancers are notorious softies — and they prefer staying where they feel safe. For a crab, that'd be inside their shells, but for a Cancer, the obvious equivalent is their house. In fact, these signs are known for being big homebodies, and they put a lot of time into making their spaces comfortable. By extension, Cancers are big fans of home-cooked, comfort food. So, it only makes sense that the type of bread that the Cancer is is a comfort food in its own right. That's why, if the Cancer were any type of bread, they'd be cornbread.

There are many ways to make cornbread — from additions like buttermilk to honey and sage — and every family probably has their own recipe. But, no matter what, you can always bet on it, or some variation of it, making its way onto the Christmas or Thanksgiving table. That's the type of tradition that these signs love, and it's those fond memories that make cornbread so comforting. Ranging in flavors from sweet to savory and textures from moist to crumbly, cornbread is as good served on its own as it is with your chili — another comfort food these zodiac signs probably love, and which gives them the perfect excuse to make this bread.


Born between July and August, Leo's are the summer babies of the zodiac calendar — and it shows. While they're often accused of being attention-seeking, these signs believe in living life to the fullest, and they have a way of turning the most mundane, everyday activities into memorable experiences. Not only are these signs born throughout the sunniest months of the year, but they're also ruled by the sun. This only bleeds into their sunny personalities, where you'll see their positive energy rub off on everyone they meet. For that reason, the type of bread this sign would be comes from a place where the sun shines year-round — and summer never has to end: Jamaican bammy bread.

Bammy bread is made using an ancient grain known as cassava, which has been a staple across the Caribbean and South America for generations. When making bammy bread, the cassava is grated and formed into patties, which are then soaked in coconut milk before being fried, steamed, or baked. Typically, they're served up with the ultra-fresh seafood fare that Jamaica is famous for and this bread's heartiness does a wonderful job of soaking up the flavors — so much so that Tasting Table considers them one of the 25 Jamaican dishes you have to try at least once. From Jamaican chicken and sweet potato curry to oxtail, bammy bread is as good as a side as it is a snack, and, within one bite, you'll be instantly transported.


It's no secret that Virgos are perfectionists, and still, somehow, there's truly no other sign that can compare to how productive they are. These signs get an immense amount of their own self-worth from the number of tasks that they're able to get done in a day. Virgos take great joy in contributing to things that are bigger than them, but, even so, their perfectionist streak tends to manifest in their own lives. While this does have some drawbacks, it also has some advantages, one being that these signs tend to adopt healthy habits.

For that reason, they would just be one of the healthy breads you can find in the grocery store, the type that most experts consider to be the healthiest, and that's sprouted, whole-grain Ezekiel bread. While all types of bread can be a part of a healthy diet, Virgos are more likely to choose one with added benefits and nutrients — at least when they're eating at home. Made from sprouted, whole grains, and no sugar or refined flours, Ezekiel bread is just that. What sets it apart from other breads is that the variety of whole grains and legumes it is made from are allowed to sprout, or germinate. In turn, you get a much more nutrient-dense and fibrous bread that would be this sign's top choice.


Represented by the scale, if there's one thing Libra's value more than anything, it's balance. It's what gives them their impeccable eye for symmetry, and is why they make such talented designers and decorators. But, it's also what makes these signs incredibly indecisive. Libras need to weigh all of their choices, and even deciding what to eat can be a struggle. This is why the type of bread they would be is one that doesn't require them to choose at all — and that's because it's served for mezze. Popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean, every mezze comes with a generous helping of the type of bread Libras would be: Pita bread.

As just one of the many flatbreads that Lidia Bastianich finds fascinating, the pita is a symbol of ancient cultural traditions and cooking methods. From Iran to Greece and from Lebanon to Morocco, pita is made slightly differently, however, each one shares the same fascinating ancient origins, and it only goes to show how well the bread pairs with different foods. Whether it's served with hummus or kefta, pita bread is there to be dipped in, wrapped, and folded around all of your favorite Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Fortunately, with so many options, the Libra won't have to choose when it's served for mezze – and with some pita, they can dip into everything.


Much like Geminis, Scorpios have a reputation — and it's not all good. These signs are associated with promiscuity and mischief, and, while they can be trusted with any and every secret, they can be secretive to a fault. In fact, these signs have a unique way of making you feel like they're telling you about themselves while simultaneously telling you nothing at all. These signs use their mystery to their benefit, and being vulnerable just isn't in their nature. It's just one of the many reasons these signs love the dark, which is why, if the Scorpio were any type of bread, they'd be a dark rye.

Dark rye bread is a type of bread made from a combination of flour, rye grain, rye malt, molasses, or even cocoa powder that gives it its signature color and unique flavor. Not only is this bread dark in color from the rye, but the rye malt and molasses make it taste rich and intense — and intensity is something the Scorpio knows a lot about. These signs are often confused for being fire signs because they're so passionate, and their moods can teater from one end of the spectrum to the other. Fortunately, with your rye bread, you more or less always know what you're going to get: A hearty, dark loaf with a recognizable flavor and texture.


Sagittariuses are said to be the most adventurous of all the signs. That, of course, includes traveling. In fact, these signs make the best travel buddies because of their positive nature and willingness to learn. Every experience, whether it be good or bad, is an opportunity for these signs to expand their understanding of the world — and there's no better way to do that than travel. That's why this sign's bread is one worth catching a flight for, and all the way to India, no less. That's right, if this sign were any type of bread in the world, it'd be a type of flatbread known as naan. But, it's not just because it's from one of the most enticing and colorful countries in the world.

Naan is a type of flatbread that is soft and pillowy, yet chewy and bubbly. Traditionally made in a tandoor, naan is a symbol of traditional Indian cooking techniques — and there's a reason why it's the most ordered item at Indian restaurants. These flatbreads are usually brushed with garlic and ghee or butter, and they taste delicious on their own. However, when they're paired with your dal or curry they take everything to the next level. Like a Sagittarius, everything is just a little bit better when it's involved. That isn't to say naan can't stand on its own, however. From paneer naan to chili cheese naan, many restaurants offer the bread in different flavors and with a variety of added ingredients.


Capricorns are known for being "workaholics," and, considering that they're represented by the goat, there's really no denying it. All signs point towards Capricorns being born to climb — whether that be a mountain or the corporate ladder. These signs are ambitious and resilient in every sense of the word, and the determination that they exhibit in achieving their long-term goals is something all of us can admire. But, with all that being said, the type of bread this sign is would have to be one that they can enjoy on the go, or as a quick breakfast or snack when they're on break or heading into work. That's why, if the Capricorn were any type of bread, they'd be a bagel.

Don't tell the Aries this, but of all the types of bread that are out there, bagels might be the most beloved — and while they might not be representative of an entire country, they are sort of representative of a city. Being the biggest and most populated city in the U.S., New York City is a place associated with the fast-paced hustle culture that Capricorns thrive in, and bagels are a natural extension of that. Thanks to the Jewish-Polish population that emigrated there during the early 1900s, New York has long been home to what's widely considered the best bagels in the country. While some might say that that's changing, it doesn't negate the fact that they're the perfect grab-and-go option for busy Capricorns.


Aquariuses tend to evade stereotypes — so much so that it is their stereotype. These signs are intentionally unique, and they value their individuality above all else. It all stems from their humanitarian nature and their desire to be completely free-thinking. While this is most apparent in these signs' personal styles and odd hobbies, it's also reflected in their opinions. Aquariuses tend to side with whatever is considered to be the most unpopular, and, to them, anything that's widely accepted as "normal" should be questioned. That's why the type of bread an Aquarius would be is focaccia, an Italian flatbread that, in all actuality, isn't really flat at all.

While technically considered to be a flatbread, focaccia is usually ½ of an inch to an inch thick. It's also notoriously fluffy — something most other types of flatbreads lack because, well, they're flat. All in all, focaccia defies every definition of the word, and that alone is something these signs can relate to. But, that's not all. While some people top their focaccia with coarse salt and call it a day, there is a lot of room for personalization. You can find homemade focaccia topped with everything from rosemary and garlic to braised leeks and goat cheese. With the options for toppings, and the wide iterations of things like pizza and breakfast focaccia, like the Aquarius, this type of bread is in a category all its own.


As the final sign on the astrological calendar, Pisces inherit all of the acquired life lessons and wisdom of all the signs that come before it. But, while you might expect all of that knowledge to manifest in a way that makes these signs incredibly logical and level-headed, it has the opposite effect. Pisces are incredibly intuitive, dreamy, and emotional, so much so that the external world can be incredibly overwhelming. In turn, their personalities tend to flow and adapt depending on whoever they're around. Some would say they're like sponges, absorbing whatever environment they find themselves in. To represent that, they'd be what's arguably the fluffiest, spongiest bread you can get: soft pull-apart milk bread, or, as it's known in Japan, "shokupan."

When translated to English, the name means "eating bread," and is indicative of what an everyday specialty it's become. In Japan and in Japanese cuisine, a cuisine where bread isn't exactly common, milk bread is enjoyed like you would any basic white bread in the States. However, the quality of the dairy and the type of starter that is used to make it mean this bread is totally unique. Japanese milk bread is also sometimes referred to as Hokkaido bread because it's made from milk from Hokkaido, Japan — a region known for its high-quality dairy. It's also made with a starter called "tangzhong" and a dough enhancer to give it the fluffy soft texture that makes it perfect for these signs.