How Martha Stewart Gives A Burst Of Orange Flavor To French Toast

When it comes to culinary prowess, Martha Stewart is a name that needs no introduction. Known for her impeccable taste and ingenious recipes, she has a knack for elevating classic dishes to new heights. That includes her delectable twist on French toast. She adds a burst of bright orange flavor that's both refreshing and indulgent by incorporating a trio of orange delights — orange liqueur, orange zest, and orange juice.

One of the secrets to Martha's exceptional orange French toast is her insistence on using fresh ingredients. Freshly grated orange zest and squeezed orange juice bring a vibrant quality to the dish that simply can't be matched. But Stewart's choice of orange liqueur, specifically Grand Marnier, adds a sophisticated depth of flavor.

It imparts a subtle, sweet complexity that elevates the French toast without overpowering it. The alcohol also cooks off during preparation, leaving behind only the essence of orange. The finely grated outer peel of an orange provides an intense citrus aroma and flavor. Martha suggests using a microplane grater to extract the zest, ensuring it's fine and evenly distributed throughout the batter. Freshly squeezed orange juice infuses the French toast with a bright, tangy sweetness that perfectly complements the richness of the bread and egg mixture.

Stewart incorporate these three ingredients for balanced flavor

Stewart's approach to adding orange flavor is all about balance. While some may be tempted to rely solely on orange marmalade for convenience, this can often result in an overly sweet and cloying dish. By using a combination of orange liqueur, zest, and juice, Stewart achieves a harmonious blend of sweet and acidic citrus that keeps the French toast balanced and utterly delicious.

To create Martha Stewart's zesty orange French toast, simply add the orange zest, orange juice, and a splash of orange liqueur to the egg mixture. Once the orange-infused egg mixture is ready, continue to make the French toast as you normally would. Of course, this version of the dish can be served with a dusting of powdered sugar or a swirl of maple syrup.

So, why not start your day with a slice of Stewart's twist on rich French toast? You'll be surprised by the lift her zesty orange addition gives the classic breakfast dish.