Review: Fireball's New Caviar Kit Brings A Burst Of Cinnamon Sweetness To Holiday Cocktails

If you've ever taken a shot, there's a good chance you've taken a shot of Fireball. As the No. 1 shot brand in the world, its spicy, cinnamon-forward flavor is familiar to plenty of drinkers. For most people, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky usually brings back memories of wild parties and crazy nights, which is why it may come as a surprise that the brand is releasing a product that sounds like it belongs at an upscale soiree or a fancy dinner party: Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar.

Don't worry, there are no fish eggs involved. It's going to be sold as a part of the Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection Kit, which contains the caviar, crystal shot glass flutes, and of course, a magnum-sized bottle of Fireball Dragnum (which is just regular Fireball in fancy — and admittedly fun — packaging).

The idea of combining Fireball and one of the world's most upscale foods was too intriguing to pass up. We decided to give it a shot (pun intended) to see what Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar is all about.

What is it?

So, if Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar isn't fish eggs (and it isn't real dragon eggs, either), what exactly is it? The best way to describe it is as cinnamon-flavored boba. It has the look, shape, and texture of caviar, but it's spicy and sweet rather than salty. It's packaged just like real caviar, and if we saw it from afar, we'd probably think it was the real deal. We're not exactly sure what it's made of, but we'd definitely place this in the dessert/candy category.

The little orange orbs look sophisticated, and you'll feel pretty suave too when you're delicately spooning it up. The entire kit is really an ode to glitz and glamour but with a decidedly fun and casual twist. The flutes the kit includes take the whole experience to the next level since they're a lot nicer than the glasses we'd usually use to drink Fireball (which in the past have been red solo cups, if we're being honest).

How much does it cost?

Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar is currently being sold as part of the Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection Kit, which as we said, contains flutes, Fireball Dragnum, and the caviar. According to a press release shared with Tasting Table, the kit's suggested retail price is $50. However, if you don't want to buy the kit, you can still buy a bottle of Fireball Dragnum on its own for $24.99. This should come as no surprise since even Fireball's first barrel-aged whiskey is unusually affordable

If you do the math, it means that the combined cost of the two flutes and the tub of caviar is $25, which is much cheaper than real caviar, making it a fun and affordable treat. It's hard to compare the price of the Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar to other similar products, since quite frankly, there are no similar products out there.

In our opinion, this kit is a lot more about being a novelty item than it is about being a great deal, but it's still reasonably priced. People who usually shake their heads and ask what makes caviar so expensive will be a lot happier about this version's price point. 

Where can I find it and how long it will be available?

According to a press statement, the Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection Kit went live in select states beginning at 10:00 a.m. on December 12. It's a limited-release kit, so if Fireball-flavored caviar is on your wishlist (or you want to give it to someone else), be sure to scoop one up while you can.

If you can't get your hands on the full kit, don't worry — you can still buy the bottle of Fireball Dragnum (which rings in at a hefty 1.75 liters) throughout the holiday season and into the new year. We don't know how difficult it's going to be to snag one of the sets, but we know there are a lot of die-hard Fireball fans, so we're guessing these are going to go fast. If this sounds up your alley, we recommend trying to buy one as soon as it goes on sale. 

How to use it

The number one way to use Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar is to use it as a fun, novelty bite. You won't find us topping blinis with this or serving it with creme fraiche, but having a bite of this sweet and spicy snack is a fun moment. We're not sure if the brand intended for this to be used as a chaser, but if you ask us, it's not a bad idea to take a bite after a shot of Fireball.

If you're hosting a party, having this out on display for your guests to sample at their leisure will really lighten and change the vibe of your gathering. It's fun, ironic, and a little silly. This product doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should you. Break this stuff out when you don't want your party to feel forced or stuffy, and you want to celebrate the fact that sometimes drinking is just meant to be playful and fun.

Taste test

Believe it or not, the "caviar's" texture is actually pretty close to the real deal. When compared to actual caviar, these are a little bigger, but the idea is pretty true to the original. Flavor-wise, they're a little milder than we were hoping for. The cinnamon flavor isn't pronounced, especially when compared to the in-your-face flavor of Fireball. They're also sweet and definitely taste like a dessert. Unlike regular caviar, this was pretty liquidy, and the orange orbs were submerged in the syrup.

We ate it straight from a spoon, but we could imagine using this as a topping for frozen yogurt. We wish it had a bit more punch, but it's more about the texture and the general fun nature of the snack. The good thing about this caviar having a mild flavor is that it would definitely help clear your palate after doing a shot of its boozy counterpart.

Is it worth it?

If you're a hardcore Fireball lover (and there's nothing wrong with that), then this kit is definitely worth it. If you consider yourself a casual Fireball consumer, then it might be worth it just for the flutes alone. If you'll merely take a shot of Fireball when you're peer pressured into it, then you could probably skip this one, but honestly, you'd still likely enjoy it.

Overall, we think this idea is a lot of fun and would make an excellent gift or addition to any party. Don't buy this for the caviar alone — rather, buy it for the unique experience of elevating a beverage you never thought could be made fancy. We love the packaging, we're obsessed with the fun flutes, and the caviar is a nice extra touch. We'll happily admit that even though Fireball is by no means the first beverage we usually reach for, this kit might move it a little further up our list just in time for the holidays.