Bake Feta In Foil For A Warm, Creamy Spread Full Of Tangy Goodness

Crumbled over a Greek salad or layered in a crispy spanakopita, feta is a versatile cheese that boasts a salty, moreish character and satisfying texture — but this briny beauty is a hustler that can do so much more than cover the classics. Wrapping an entire block of the good stuff in foil — along with a dash of seasonings and a drizzle of fruity olive oil — before baking it, turns this champion cheese into a creamy, tangy spread that's comfortingly warm and aromatic.

If you're on top of your viral TikTok trends, you may have already tried baking feta in a heatproof dish with tomatoes and dried pasta to make a simple hands-free dinner. However, baking it in an aluminum pouch, instead of directly in the base of an oven dish, creates a deliciously warm spread because foil is a superb conductor of heat; it helps to keep the steam and moisture within the wrapper, which works to intensify the inherent flavors in the feta and retain all those scrumptious aromas.

The other bonus to baking in foil is that it keeps the inside of your oven clean because there are no risks of any messy splatters and spills that can burn and create an unpleasant odor in your kitchen. Plus, you can discard the wrapper once you've eaten your feta, virtually eliminating cleanup time.

Herbs and seasonings will elevate your foil-wrapped feta

If you want to make a soft and bubbly feta spread, simply place an entire block of your salty cheese on a sheet of aluminum foil before piling your flavorings on top. Anything from fresh garlic and warming chili flakes to dried oregano or refreshing mint will work as long as you drizzle over a hearty glug of olive oil to meld the distinct ingredients together. Having said that, you could even add pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and olives as detailed in this Bejeweled Baked Feta recipe for a modern twist. A sweet element, like honey, maple, or pomegranate molasses, is also a superb addition if you want to tame the saltiness of the feta to make a balanced bite. Finally, wrap your foil around the cheese to make a well-sealed parcel and bake for 10 minutes or so until the feta has reached the perfect, spreadable texture. It won't melt into a gooey consistency, like mozzarella or cheddar, because of its naturally low pH levels but it will be super-soft.

Spread your warm feta onto hunks of freshly baked bread and toasted slices of sourdough or simply use it as a tangy sandwich filler to lend a little attitude to your next hoagie. This dreamy spread can also double as a flavorful addition to a main meal of vegetables and a fillet of fish!