Freeze Leftover Pineapple Cores To Naturally Flavor Bottled Water

Nothing is as refreshing as a glass of water; this liquid keeps you hydrated all on its own. However, if you crave something with a little more flavor, you may want to try adding a frozen pineapple core to your next bottle. As Pavlovian as it might be to toss the pineapple core after you've removed it from the pineapple, don't. You can freeze it and use it to flavor and chill your bottled water

Pineapple cores are too fibrous and tough to chew and eat, but they still have a lot of flavor and nutrients that they can impart to your water. After you pop a chilly core into your bottled water, you will be able to taste the sweet and distinctive flavors of the pineapple within 15 minutes to a half hour. Keep the bottles in the fridge and they will be ready to sip on whenever the thirst bug bites.

Other fruity combos for your water

To prep your pineapple core for the freezer, slice it up into individual pieces that will fit into your water bottles or the glass you are going to pour it into. Place them in freezer-safe storage containers or bags, and they will be ready to use whenever you feel parched. Frozen pineapple cores can last in the freezer for up to three months. And if you like the way the pineapple tastes in your water, you can get creative with other herbs and fruits.

Pineapple pairs well with a number of other berries, ginger, grapefruit, and even mint. Freeze these fruits and herbs and add them to your water for a lovely and naturally refreshing water. What you will appreciate about these fruity additions is there are no added sugars, but there is definitely an added taste. Try this hack with frozen limes along with your pineapple core for a tropical vibe or add some frozen blackberries or strawberries for a visually appealing fruit-infused water. 

If you want thicker water, you can transform your pineapple core and water into an agua fresco. Simply break out the blender and whip the two ingredients together.