The Bourbon Lift Cocktail Is For Coffee Fans Who Love A Foamy Top

For coffee lovers out there looking for a coffee-infused cocktail, we have the perfect one for you — especially if you love a foamy top. The other requirement needed to enjoy this drink? Loving bourbon. The cocktail in question, titled the Bourbon Lift, has the same amount of bourbon as it does coffee liqueur, making it perfect for those who love the melding of two strong flavors. Along with the bourbon and coffee, the drink also contains heavy cream, club soda, and orgeat, which is a sweet cocktail syrup that typically consists of almonds, sugar, and some kind of citrus.

The drink is served in a tall Collins glass and has one distinct feature: a very foamy top, one that may even drip out of the glass. The soda is poured in at the end, twice, which is what prompts the foam to rise to such a tall level. In fact, a typical Bourbon Lift has so much foam that the drink needs to be served with a straw, otherwise, you'd get nothing but a mouthful of foam if you tried to take a sip!

Ways to adjust the Bourbon Lift recipe

After you've made the Bourbon Lift a couple times, you may want to play around with the recipe to try out different variations of the drink. For example, maybe you want a stronger coffee flavor — for this, you could try increasing the amount of coffee liqueur and decreasing the bourbon by the same amount. Or, vice versa, maybe you want a stronger bourbon flavor and a more subtle coffee taste; just do the inverse.

Additionally, if you find yourself with all of the ingredients besides the orgeat, there's no need to fret. You can substitute it with the same amount of amaretto, which is a little more common, so you may be more likely to have it on hand. Amaretto will also provide that almond flavor that the orgeat is there for, although it will up the alcohol content by a small margin (amaretto is a liqueur, while orgeat is just a syrup). Amaretto is also a great choice for when you need to make the cocktail for someone with a nut allergy. Despite the almond flavor, amaretto doesn't actually contain any almonds.