Roll Ground Meat In Plastic Wrap And Slice To Ensure Even Burger Patties

Tired of making irregular burgers that don't cook at the same rate? We've got a genius hack that will guarantee that every burger you make from now on is evenly shaped to maximize juiciness. All you need is a sheet of plastic wrap and a sharp knife to make a smooth burger patty roll that you can slice into identical discs.

The benefit of this burger-making method is that you can prep several of the same-sized burgers quickly, without having to weigh out the ground meat into individual portions. Furthermore, this clever technique helps to bring the patty blend together, which is particularly useful if your recipe doesn't feature a binder, like egg or breadcrumbs.

To carry out this time-saving hack, start by laying your large sheet of plastic wrap on your countertop and placing your ground meat in the center. Then shape your burger patty mixture into a rough cylinder shape that runs across the middle of the plastic wrap, making sure to leave some space at the sides. You may find it easier to shape the ground meat first before lifting it onto the plastic. However, the advantage of shaping it into a log while it's on the wrap means less cleaning up later. Opt for a roll with a smaller diameter if you're making cute little sliders or go for a larger width to create full-sized, heftier patties.

Shape the ground meat using the plastic wrap

Take the side of the plastic wrap closest to you and lay it over the ground meat. Then do the same with the opposite side so your burger patty mixture is fully encased. Twist the sides of the plastic wrap at each end to create something that looks like a cracker or a salami. Finally, lift the whole thing up, using both ends as handles, and give it a swing to twist them even further. This action will smooth out the surface of the burger patty blend and encourage a consistent, sausage-like shape throughout the cylinder.

Once you've removed the plastic wrap, you can slice the log into identical segments to create burgers with an even thickness and shape. Then you can either place them straight on the grill as they are or gently flatten them with your palm to make leaner rounds that are more akin to the thinner style patties found in smash burgers.

This plastic wrap trick is particularly useful because you can store the entire roll in the fridge until you're ready to slice it up and start grilling. Chilling the patty mixture first also makes it easier to neatly slice through the roll to create perfect, consistently-sized discs that cook through at the same rate.