Add Fresh Vegetables To Improve The Texture Of Store-Bought Salsa

Store-bought salsa is a godsend when you're doing some last-minute entertaining and don't have time to make salsa from scratch. And with heaps of varieties available at the supermarket, there's bound to be an option that suits your palate, from chunky green tomatillo to burgundy roasted serrano. However, some jarred salsas can taste flat and have an unappetizing, mushy consistency once opened. A simple way to improve the texture of your store-bought salsa is to add fresh vegetables to the mix.

Supermarket salsas tend to have a pulpier consistency that is far smoother than a roughly textured homemade version. The addition of virtually any crisp vegetable will lend your salsa some satisfying bite against the softer-textured backdrop of the existing veggies in your store-bought jar. But the best thing is that you don't have to take lots of time to cut each vegetable into identically-sized dice; a rough chop and a quick mix is as tricky as it gets.

For example, diced cucumber delivers refreshing juiciness, ripe tomatoes bring a touch of sweetness, and corn kernels provide a pop of vibrant color. You could even incorporate extra chilies in a bland, uninspiring salsa to lend it a dose of fiery heat, or toss in some chopped red onions and radish to add instant zing and body.

Adjust your seasonings after adding the vegetables

Customizing your salsa with extra fresh vegetables will also bulk it out, helping it to go further. This makes it a brilliant move for when you're feeding a large crowd on a budget. However, once you've added in the supplementary veggies, it's a good rule of thumb to taste-test your salsa to see if you need to adjust the seasonings. Sprinkle over some salt and pepper or spritz in some lemon or lime juice to bring life to the salsa.

To amp up the flavor of your store-bought salsa even further, you could scatter over some dried herbs and spices, like oregano or cumin. Their earthy fragrance will add a warming depth to your salsa that will combine wonderfully with the crunchy texture of freshly diced cucumber, chunks of bell pepper, or even crisp celery. Go one step further and stir through some fruit, like fresh pineapple, to give your salsa a sweet and sour flavor profile that compliments the savoriness of the crunchy vegetables. 

What are you waiting for? Stir a handful of crisp veggies into your one-note salsa to make it sing, and lend it a comforting homemade feel. Then rip open that bag of crunchy tortilla chips and dig into your pimped-out bowl of goodness. Simply remember to save any leftovers to add to sandwiches, soups, and salad dressings later in the week.