Erewhon And Balenciaga Team Up For A Limited-Time Juice And Merch

In all of its recent controversy, the Balenciaga name has remained synonymous with high-end street style — a sentiment the brand took quite literally in its pre-fall 2024 runway show. Models — including Cardi B, in her runway debut — stomped along Hancock Park street in oversized sneakers, dark sunglasses, athleisure, and matching Juicy Couture-esque sets. The setting and styling referenced Los Angeles' distinct celebrity culture and were only made more apparent by the use of to-go coffee cups and grocery store tote bags as accessories. Upon a closer look at the pieces, you'll find they also elude to another collection: A collaboration with LA's trendiest gourmet grocer, the one and only Erewhon.

While some may say Erewhon isn't a grocery store, it's everything that's bad about LA, there's no denying the success it's had in the last decade — particularly among the healthy, luxe-loving celebrities and the wealthy that call the city home. But, aside from the hot bar and super-food granola, what's kept LA's lesser-known and not quite as wealthy customers coming back is the juice bar. From collaborations with celebrities like Hailey Bieber to Emma Chamberlain, Erewhon has made a killing promoting celebrity names, brands, and products through its juice bar collaborations. The Balenciaga collaboration juice is made with apple, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, organic maple syrup, and charcoal, and is available for $14 at all LA locations from December 2nd to 9th.

The rise of the branded smoothie

As if the wall of rainbow-assorted juices and the organic produce weren't Instagrammable enough, Erewhon has found another way to further capitalize off of the social-media-centric culture that has come to characterize LA — and that's with branded smoothies. Balenciaga's is only the latest amongst a proliferation of collaborative, limited-edition, superfood smoothies to grace the gourmet grocer's juice bar, and, as usual, it's in brand alignment. The black color of the juice is both post-worthy and in code with the Balenciaga aesthetic, while the spicy, yet refreshing flavor plays well into a holiday season spent in SoCal. But, as the brand attempts to mount its comeback, it's hard to say whether or not the juice, let alone the fashion, will be a hit.

Some of Erewhon's most successful branded smoothies have correlated with product launches. Hailey Bieber's Strawberry Glaze skin smoothie, for example, premiered in the lead-up to the launch of Rhode's lip treatment. Others, such as the Coconut Cloud smoothie from the founder of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt, and the recent rainbow Cactus Plant Flea Market smoothie made nods to brands through the use of color, while Emma Chamberlain's Cold Brew Cookie smoothie made use of Chamberlain Coffee's espresso.  Nevertheless, the marketing and free publicity produced through social media tend to work in every brand's favor. But will a black juice and some pricey merch be enough to bring a big name like Balenciaga back from the dark? Only time will tell.