Tuck A Sprig Of Herbs Into Folded Napkins For Welcoming Aroma At The Table

Boost your hosting and decorating skills this holiday season by using creative, natural decor that not only creates a welcoming aroma but can serve as a sneak peek at the meal to come ahead. Tucking sprigs of herbs into your guests' napkins is a creative way to create an immersive dining experience for your guests. You can do this with a variety of herbs by simply finding a way to tuck the sprig in. You could slip it into a napkin ring if you utilize those, or leave it poking out slightly in your folded napkins. Or if you want to showcase the herbs more prominently you can just lay them on top of your guests' napkins, or even tie the herb around the napkin to keep it rolled.

Not only does this look intriguing, but fresh herbs offer an aromatic experience as well. You can get clever about the herbs you select and opt to use ones that will be featured in your meal or cocktails. The aroma from the napkin herbs can create a more intense tasting experience, tasting uses all of our senses so engaging smell can create a unique opportunity to detect tasting notes you may not have otherwise known about. This complementary decor, with the food and drink, makes for a more memorable meal.

What herbs to use as decoration

When brainstorming on what herbs would be best to incorporate into your decoration you can start by utilizing what you may already have in your kitchen. Oftentimes recipes won't call for an entire pack of herbs to be used for a recipe, leaving you with leftovers. Using these leftovers as decor is an easy way to repurpose them. Or if your dishes don't call for fresh herbs you can get creative and think about what pairings would make sense. You'll want to go for herbs that are fragrant, hardy enough to withstand being used as decor, and come in sprig form.

Some options can include rosemary, tarragon, lavender, Thai basil, thyme, mint, and oregano. It's advised to not use regular basil as it wilts quickly. If you're cooking a French recipe such as coq au vin, or classic French bouillabaisse, you'd want to use herbs commonly utilized in French cooking such as thyme and tarragon. If you're serving a cocktail that has floral tasting notes like an elderflower margarita, a sprig of lavender in your guests' napkins helps to draw their tasting palettes to this. Rosemary is an excellent pairing for a Crock-pot rump roast and offers a fresh aroma to go against the stewed meat smell. Get as creative as you'd like with pairings, just don't forget to snap a photo of your beautiful table before you eat.