Elevate Your Marry-Me Chicken With Bacon For A Savory Blast Of Flavor

One of the best chicken dishes out there is marry-me chicken, which you may have never even heard of. First you need to know what Tuscan chicken is: a creamy, one-skillet meal with spiced chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and spinach in white wine sauce. Marry-me chicken has just about everything that Tuscan chicken has, minus the spinach (but you're welcome to add that in at the end if desired).

As for the name, the idea is that the dish is delicious so that when you make it for a romantic partner, they'll love it so much that they'll propose to you. The name could also refer to how the ingredients "marry" together so well. Whichever explanation is the true origin of the dish, there's no denying that it's utterly delicious and may just lead to a proposal if you get it just right — especially if you make Tasting Table's version of it, which brings in bacon to make the dish even better.

The baconified marry-me chicken, which was developed by Michelle McGlinn, has all the ingredients of the original dish — that creamy, white wine-based sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, and so on — but brings in bacon for additional saltiness and savoriness that takes the recipe to the next level. The bacon will be cut up into small pieces, then fried perfectly — giving you a crispy, crunchy addition to the sauce. Trust us, you'll never want to have marry-me chicken without the bacon again.

What to serve with the baconified marry-me chicken

In the recipe, the side suggestions include boiled vegetables, potatoes (either mashed or roasted), and rice — all of which are complementary options to the creamy chicken. The potatoes, whichever way you serve them, will taste just as delicious as the chicken soaked in the creamy sauce. Similarly, if you serve the dish with rice, the sauce will seep into the rice, giving you more time to relish in the creamy goodness of the sauce. It may even prompt you to want to make extra sauce next time you whip up the dish!

The recipe also suggests serving the chicken over pasta, which will also make for one memorable meal. One way to do this is to work from a traditional chicken fettuccine alfredo recipe, but replace the typical alfredo sauce with the marry-me chicken sauce. But really, just about any pasta type will work with this dish. We recommended cutting up the marry-me chicken into smaller pieces, so you can sufficiently mix together the pasta dish so you have an even amount of chicken, sauce, and pasta in each bite. You could even add in some extra veggies, if you wish, such as spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, and so on.