Lime Juice And Cilantro Will Brighten Even The Most Bland Salsa

Salsa is one of the best additions to just about any Mexican food dish, as well as plenty of other uses in which you need some extra spiciness. While freshly made salsa is easily when it's most delicious, we don't always have the time to make it ourselves, which is where store-bought salsa comes into the picture. There are plenty of store-bought salsas that are tasty, but sometimes you end up with one that is just too bland. Luckily, there's a way to brighten up any batch of boring pre-made salsa.

The key is to add fresh ingredients — such as cilantro and lime juice. If you want to upgrade the store-bought salsa, we suggest mixing in fresh minced cilantro and squeezing lime juice directly into the salsa. Then, just give it a good mix and you'll have a fresher version of the pre-made salsa — a version that is at least a little bit closer to the homemade version.

Homemade recipes to use with the freshened up store bought salsa

If you opt to buy pre-made salsa — that you then freshen up with cilantro and lime juice — you can instead use the time and energy you saved to make a homemade meal to adorn with the salsa. Of course, salsa goes hand in hand with Mexican cuisine, so now is the time to break out all the recipes for tacos, chilaquiles, fajitas, and so on. Maybe you want to make smoked chicken tacos, pork chili verde, or black bean flautas — all of which are made even better by the right salsa.

Salsa can also be used in unexpected ways outside of the typical Mexican dishes where you usually find it. For example, you can use salsa to spice up the eggs that you have for breakfast. Or, you could use salsa to add a kick of heat to a grilled cheese to switch up a familiar dish. Whatever you decide to make, you can rest easy knowing that the store-bought salsa will taste a little bit more like the real thing thanks to the cilantro and lime juice additions.