Andrew Rea's Top Tips For Achieving The Perfect Scotch Egg - Exclusive

You may have perfected a fried or scrambled egg, but what about the Scotch egg? The English dish, which can be eaten as an appetizer or breakfast meal, takes the hard-boiled egg one step further, by wrapping it in sausage meat, coating it in breadcrumbs, and either deep frying or baking it. In an exclusive interview with Andrew Rea, the YouTuber detailed his biggest tip to pull off the perfect Scotch egg every time (one that is 'jammy' not cooked through!).

First off, don't get too frustrated if you don't get the runny yolk you may prefer. "My biggest tip in that recipe is to not be mad if it doesn't turn out jammy," Rea explained. He added that most Scotch eggs actually don't turn out that way, as it'll likely come with repetition. After perfecting the soft-boiled egg and peeling it, Rea uses the deep-fry method that allows "the sausage is cooked and the egg is warmed, but the yolk is not set."

Don't sleep on the directions

The most important point Andrew Rea makes about Scotch eggs and achieving a runny yolk is that you need to carefully pay attention to each step. He told Tasting Table, "If you are trying to get a jammy yolk, then you need to follow the directions to a tee when oiling the eggs so you don't overcook it, and then fry until the crust is golden brown and not a second more."

The cookbook author advises that you check the sausage cooking temperature with a probe, then "finish it off in the oven a few minutes at a time, carefully checking frequently so that you don't overcook it." Luckily, the recipe doesn't require any seasoning with all of the flavor coming from the egg and the pork sausage. Although, you can throw in a bit of onion or salt to taste. With a recipe like this, practice makes perfect.