The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Debuts Boba Beverages And World Of Tea Program

Boba tea, the sweet and creamy sip beloved for its chewy tapioca balls, has typically been relegated to specialty shops here in the United States. But starting this month, some fans of the beverage can pick one up at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The Los Angeles-based tea and coffee chain is introducing a new boba beverage at select locations across Southern California and Arizona as part of its recently debuted World of Tea pilot program. Per a press release, the new Ceylon milk tea boba drink features the brand's signature Ceylon black tea with an infusion of caramelized brown sugar and a base of brown sugar pearls.

Boba tea, or "bubble tea," was first created in Taiwan in the 1980s and quickly rose in popularity across Asia. It made its way to the U.S. in the '90s, but the beverage has experienced quite the boom in more recent years. According to Fortune Business Insights, the bubble tea market was valued at around $434 million here in the States in 2022, and it's projected to reach a valuation of over $750 million by 2030.

The American thirst for this unique iced tea is on the rise, and the rapidly growing industry shows no signs of slowing down. So it's no wonder more mainstream businesses, like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, are hoping to capitalize on the trend by creating their own versions of the Taiwanese favorite.

The World of Tea collection includes other unique sips

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf already has a strong foothold in the fast-casual beverage industry, offering a range of hot and iced coffee and tea drinks to grab and go. But with the help of its new World of Tea initiative, the company hopes to meet the increasing demand for specialty tea drinks by bringing new flavors and experiences to its customers.

Market research suggests that different milk teas, fruity flavors, and chai have been hits among boba fans. The chain's newly debuted creations combine classic global teas with ingredients that may be unexpected in some ways but dovetail with research findings overall. In addition to the Ceylon boba tea, the World of Tea collection includes a matcha cream strawberry latte (made with matcha tea, strawberry puree, and creamy whole milk), an oolong tea drink with fruit puree and freeze-dried strawberries, and a chai tea with salted caramel, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Each item aims to offer a unique flavor profile with a sweet and decadent twist.

While, for now, the new beverages are only available at nine participating locations in California and Arizona, the success of the World of Tea pilot program may mean an eventual expansion of the offering at more The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outposts.