Subway Adds A Footlong Cookie At Some Locations For National Cookie Day

If you were one of many dejected Subway fans in 2022 when the chain featured a massive cookie only in a single Miami store, for only a few hours, your turn has finally come. The cookie is back, this time initially in one of four lucky American cities. It's been a year's long wait, but the payoff will be sweet — and big. 

For National Cookie Day 2023, which occurs on December 4, Subway is offering an enhanced version of its original 2022 footlong chocolate chip cookie. Mimicking the style of its typical, oblong sandwich bun, this cookie measures 12 inches end to end, with chewy, gooey, goodness spanning the length, width, and depth.

Customers in Chicago, New York City, Dallas, and Miami have an opportunity to try Subway's footlong chocolate chip cookie at no cost at a single location in each city on National Cookie Day between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. until supplies run out. But it's not just a cookie grab; customers will get one of the giant cookies when they purchase its counterpart, a footlong sub sandwich. The good news is that the very shareable-sized cookie will be free with that purchase. 

Even better news is that, according to a company press release, Subway has plans for the footlong cookie to become part of its permanent menu, reportedly in 2024. For the hoopla on National Cookie Day, there are a few things to expect when visiting the chosen locations, plus some info on more cookie-love through December. 

Cookieways and future plans

Don't expect Subway stores in the four chosen locations to be the same as usual, since they will be transformed into what Subway calls a Cookieway. It's the same 2022 setup that showcased the footlong chocolate chip cookie in Miami, which called itself a cookie pop-up. Customers who arrive before the footlong cookies disappear can expect an enhanced version of last year's cookie, after a year of work from Subway's culinary experts.

Using last year's Miami Cookieway as a cautionary tale, be aware that the sweet footlongs didn't even last two hours before supplies dissipated. So it's advisable to arrive early at the following locations: 604 S Wabash Street in Chicago; 1222 Commerce Street in Dallas; 2795 Collins Ave in Miami; and 545 8 Ave in New York City.

More cookie goodness continues nationwide through the end of the year. With any Subway cookie purchased through the end of December, you'll be supporting the Subway Cares Foundation and its Fresh Start Scholarship for tuition assistance. Those joining the Subway MVP Rewards program get a free regular cookie with any sub sandwich purchase through January 17.