16 Absolute Best Liquor Stores In NYC

In New York City, you can grab a drink at all sorts of bars until the sun comes up, but sometimes you just want a quiet nightcap at home. Whether you need the finest bottle of scotch to serve at your studio apartment soiree, or an affordable wine to mix up some sangria, there's no shortage of liquor stores to choose from in NYC. 

Granted, some New Yorkers refuse to even date someone in another borough, let alone trek out of their neighborhood to grab a drink. This means that an average citizen's go-to liquor store is likely the nearest one, but you won't regret expanding your horizons. I've spent many evenings aimlessly meandering around the city on the hunt for the perfect glass of booze to accompany my meal, only to be disappointed and resort to a cheap, boring standby from a nearby spot. That's what prompted my exploration of the city's boozy take-home offerings. With some standard factors in mind, such as price, atmosphere, service, and location, I'd have to say that these 16 liquor stores are NYC's absolute best.

Astor Wines & Spirits

Astor Wines is one of Manhattan's most prized edifices, with a spacious interior and even larger wine selection. If New Yorkers are not entirely sure what bottle they want at their next gathering, Astor Wines is the place to go. The Greenwich Village mainstay is now housed within the historic De Vinne Press Building, offering a bit of a vintage atmosphere to go with your browsing experience. This spot has the plentiful options and experienced staff you need to help you make a choice. The staff's passion for what they do is glaringly apparent, especially after Astor switched to being an employee-owned establishment in 2022.

You'd think that with such an impressive inventory, the prices would be steep, but Astor Wines is surprisingly affordable. It just may be the largest selection at the best price in the city. As if the seemingly endless options weren't enough, the venue often hosts free evening tastings, and they don't skimp on the offerings, such as a lineup of Glenlivet 18, 21, and 25 year.


(212) 674-7500

399 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10003

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

A huge part of what puts a liquor store above the rest is the shopping experience. Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit is gigantic, but still easy to navigate, thanks to its creatively-organized aisles. The shop's many sections are organized according to flavor profiles and complementary pairings, rather than highlighting regions where the wine came from, making the store a playground for casual sippers looking to explore new flavors. Bottlerocket makes finding the perfect red wine to pair with tonight's pasta dinner fun. Seasoned drinkers will enjoy the store all the same, as you're able to chat with knowledgeable staff and confidently try new imports for yourself.

Founder Tom Geniesse opened Bottlerocket Wines and Spirits in 2006 with the goal of stripping away the pretentious aspect of wine and liquor that causes people to hesitate before trying something new. Part wine and liquor store, part educational hub, Geniesse has created an exceptional shop that caters to every palate.


(212) 929-2323

5 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011

Stella's Juice Box

Despite being a rather small borough, Greenpoint is full of adorable liquor stores, and Stella's Juice Box is one of the community's most charming. What the shop lacks in variety, it makes up for in quality, and all at a digestible price. The staff is both educated and approachable, a combination that is not always easy to find.

Sometimes we want a break from a dizzying array of wine options. At Stella's Juice Box, you never have to worry about making the wrong drinking choice, even if you don't spend a ton of time bouncing back and forth between bottles. Stella's expertise is evident in the shop's meticulously-curated selections, and the staff is ecstatic to share their love of "juice" with the neighborhood. The storefront's cool black exterior might be easy to miss on Manhattan Avenue, but the fine, gold lettering will catch your eye when it shimmers in the light.


(718) 383-1414

983 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Whiskey Shop

Whiskey is often associated with colder seasons, warming your body up with each sip as you sit by a roaring fire. The Whiskey Shop is in the heart of Williamsburg, just a block from McCarren Park, and leans into that vibe with its cozy brick interior. The walls are lined with wooden shelves full of warm amber and caramel-colored bottles that the staff is eager to discuss with whoever walks through the door.

Over 100 whiskies, wine bottles, and spirits can be found inside this small store. The Whiskey Shop was opened by the masters behind Whiskey Brooklyn, Whiskey Tavern, and Whiskey Town to offer Brooklyn fine liquors that customers can take home, rather than just sipping on them at a bar. The shop specializes in American whiskey, but the owners also love to branch out with other specialty liquors.


(718) 384-7467

44 Berry St Store 5, Brooklyn, NY 11249

MCF Rare Wine

There are a number of nuances that make these New York liquor stores unique, but as far as selection goes, there will often be overlap. MCF Rare Wine, on the other hand, stocks its shelves with some very special wines that can't be found anywhere else in the city.

MCF Rare Wine is the place to track down that particular pinot noir rosé you sipped a decade ago, that tequila that left a lasting impression on last year's vacation, or the celebratory Champagne that you toast with on every anniversary. If it wasn't for the wooden sign, the West Village storefront might pass for a quaint apartment building. Through the red door, you'll find a modest number of wines, as they only keep 100 bottles in stock at a time, always prioritizing quality over quantity. The selection may be small, but each bottle will surprise you.


(212) 255-8870

249 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

The Winery

The Winery is more than just a place to snag a quick addition to your liquor cabinet; it's also home to an entire wine-loving community. The dedicated crew behind this store has been sharing some of the world's most delicious artisanal wines with Harlem since 2007. They pride themselves on selecting wines that they personally adore, rather than what may be trendy or mainstream. As The Winery family always says, "Life is too short to waste on mediocre wines."

The carefully-curated selection makes for an excellent opportunity to try something new, which is easy to do, given the shop's colorful event calendar. You'll often walk in to find someone enthusiastically pouring samples to try, eager to share the history and tasting notes of each wine with customers.


(212) 222-4866

257 West 116 Street, New York, NY 10026

Ambassador Wines & Spirits

The selection at Ambassador Wines & Spirits isn't necessarily limited to extraordinary and sometimes obscure wines (not to mention sake, shochu, and more), but it is the company's specialty. Located smack dab in Midtown East, Ambassador Wines is an easy central location for many of the city's workforce. With a penchant for unusual and lesser-known bottles, there's always something new and funky to taste at this establishment.

The inviting decor features bottles stacked all the way up to the ceiling, but it doesn't end there. The real showpiece of Ambassador Wines is located down a flight of stairs. The basement features a gigantic walk-in wine cave, always set to the perfect temperature, which is home to several global wines and one of the largest selections of sake sold on the East Coast. Come for the variety, stay for the impressive vault of libations.


(212) 421-5078

1020 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10022

Duke's Liquor Box

Greenpoint has become a hot spot for diverse liquor stores with a whole lot of personality, and Duke's Liquor Box is one of the more recent additions to Franklin Street, opening in 2013. Its deep blue storefront has since become a staple on the block, serving as a welcoming hangout for those who appreciate a good drink. The selection is impressive with consistent deals to match, like hefty discounts on bulk orders and rotating special sales.

This neighborhood spot also hosts exciting tastings, often hosted by liquor brand founders and distillers themselves, so you can indulge in some decadent options while also learning about the craft behind them. It's a challenge to pop into Duke's Liquor Box and only snag one bottle, but you can always turn to the weekly staff pick if you need a recommendation.


(347) 534-3088

114 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Vintage Grape Wines and Spirits

Vintage Grape Wine and Spirits is tucked away in one of Manhattan's most elite boroughs, the Upper East Side. The rustic, worn wooden storefront is draped in a red awning with a simple oval "WINE" sign dangling overhead. The simplistic decor reads old New York and lends itself well to the vintage wines available inside. From Levant Heights to Arak Al Jouzour, the store's collection showcases rare and complex finds.

Unless it's dirt cheap above all else, a liquor store can really only be as good as the customer service, and Vintage Grape salespeople measure up. The store's staff is renowned for their expertise and personalized service, equally catering to newcomers and self-proclaimed professional drinkers. Always looking for ways to connect and share with the neighborhood, Vintage Grape hosts free tastings every weekend.


(212) 535-6800

1479 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028

Warehouse Wine & Spirits

Warehouse Wine & Spirits is the ideal shop for budget-conscious wine lovers, but that doesn't mean the quality is compromised. Often recommended as a go-to spot for New Yorkers seeking quality libations without breaking the bank, Warehouse stands out for its massive collection and unbeatable prices. If you're looking for something specific, it's probably wise to make Warehouse Wines your first stop.

The shop manages to keep prices so low by sourcing from overstocked restaurants nearby, adding the bonus of sustainability to their business model. They've been pushing this philosophy ever since opening in 1974. From the moment you step foot in the door, it's crystal-clear why Warehouse Wine & Spirits is a Greenwich Village favorite. Don't let the crowded aisles stop you; your haul will be worth the wait in line.


(212) 982-7770

735 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Simple Syrup Wine and Spirits

Crown Heights has a strong identity, with Caribbean culture pulsing through the streets. Celebratory vibes are always high in this borough, and Simple Syrup Wine and Spirits can attest to that. This quaint liquor store is small but mighty. The tiny shop opened in 2016 and instantly became a neighborhood favorite, especially with the previous lack of natural wine stores in the area.

Those who are unfamiliar with natural wine shouldn't let that deter them, as the variety is wide and the staff is always thrilled to tell you all about what makes a bottle special. Simple Syrup Wine and Spirits keeps the party going well into the evenings by hosting DJs, casual wine tastings, and incredibly novel events, like wine and soup pairings with Brooklyn's very own Soup Doula.


(347) 406-5336

810 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Park Avenue Liquor Shop

Midtown's Murray Hill has established itself as the city's hotbed for recent graduates settling into the city. Given the younger demographic in the area, liquor stores are aplenty here, but you won't find one quite like Park Avenue Liquor. It's timelessly cool and straight to the point, with the motto, "No cigarettes. No beer. No diggity. No doubt."

The storefront may not look like much, but go inside and you'll find upwards of 400 different scotch and whiskey varietals just waiting to be poured. The curators behind the store's impressive inventory like to focus on a wide range, so that every customer can find something they adore. The store itself may feel a little cramped, but we'd take that over a big store with fewer options any day. 


(212) 685-2442

270 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

Scotto's Wine Cellar

Scotto's Wine Cellar is one of the more noteworthy liquor stores tucked down in Carroll Gardens. The predominately Italian neighborhood is abundant in fresh pasta and baked goods, so finding a wine to go with everything is a must. The intimate shop boasts a long list of prominent labels, all with different styles. Scotto's has everything you need and more, all over a backdrop of historical NYC charm.

As one of the state's oldest standing wine cellars, Scotto's has been a pillar of Court Street for ages. Established in 1909, the shop is a venerable institution in New York's wine scene, even surviving the challenges of prohibition. The store has been passed down through different hands, but its legacy is still going strong today thanks to James Benedetto, who has been the proud owner since 1989.


(718) 875-5530

318 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


Collezione is a one-of-a-kind type of store, and we would expect nothing less on Madison Avenue. Referred to as more of a boutique, Collezione sells some of the most lavish bottles of liquor on the market today. At this high-end shop, a dazzling chandelier adorns the ceiling, and bottles are encased in glass like fine jewelry. Walking into Collezione may remind you more of a museum than your average liquor store, which makes it that much more fun to explore. Stefano Pileggi opened this Upper East Side treasure after years of working in luxury retail, which is what inspired him to promote such an intimate style of shopping.

Boasting a curated selection of rare and exceptional spirits, including highly coveted bottles like the 1964 Black Bowmore scotch and a 30-year-old Hibiki Kacho Fugetsu whiskey, Collezione caters to avid collectors, investors, and those eager to delve into the world of fine spirits. With a private back room for serious shoppers and a captivating "inner sanctum" featuring priceless bottles for display only, Pileggi's vision goes far beyond sales. It's about shared appreciation.


(917) 388-2083

786 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065

Roma Wines & Liquors

Roma Wines & Liquors has been an integral part of the Upper West Side ever since opening in 1981. It has been run by the same family for over three decades. In a shop that puts family first, all cocktail enthusiasts are family in the owners' eyes. The shop relocated in 2016, just across the street from the original location, and gained an expansive and thoughtfully-designed space that welcomes customers and makes browsing a breeze, even on a hectic Friday night.

As for the selection, Roma Wines honors both beloved classics and new, exciting finds. The wine collection features natural, biodynamic, and organic options, while the spirits side includes offerings from smaller craft distilleries and local producers. Roma Wines & Liquors extends its appreciation for its Westside community in everything it does, including inviting local artists to come display their work in the store.


(212) 933-0743

726 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Irving Bottle Wine Shop

Irving Bottle is one of Bushwick's favorite liquor stores, and deservedly so. The shop prioritizes affordability, while also stocking distinctive bottles that offer something special. The creative minds behind Irving Bottle get a thrill out of introducing funky wines and spirits to the neighborhood, and residents reciprocate by stopping in. It seems as though everyone who works at Irving Bottle is just as passionate as their customers, contributing to an extremely friendly atmosphere that leaves no questions unanswered.

Aside from the unconventional selections, Irving Bottle brings the neighborhood together with festive weekly tastings hosted by connoisseurs who know their stuff. The store's soft, pale wooden finishes make every label pop along the shelves.


(718) 366-1019

155 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237