13 Ring Cakes To Celebrate The New Year

Ring cakes are some of the most visually appealing types of sweet treats you can make during the holiday season — or any time of year. Unlike other cakes, which are traditionally made in round or square pans, these cakes are made in gravity-defying bundt tins, which have crevasses to capture icing and glaze, and angel food tins, which are more round and flat. The shape encourages the cake to grow in height, which produces a gravity-defying spectacle for your dessert table. 

It's not to say that ring cakes don't come with their fair share of challenges. If you fail to properly grease your cake tin or neglect the instructions on how (and when) to remove it properly, you may end up with a cake that looks like it's already had a bite taken out of it. Follow these recipes for a beautifully baked and tasty ring cake, and you'll have the perfect dessert for your table in no time. 

1. Blondie bundt cake

Who doesn't love a blondie? This chocolate-less version of a brownie can be transformed by making it in a bundt pan instead of a square baking pan. You'll get more crisp edges and a moist, soft center. We also spice this cake up with a cup of butterscotch chips, but you can also add your favorite chocolate chips or nuts as you see fit. Once your cake has cooled, garnish it with confectioner's sugar and enjoy a slice (or two)!

Recipe: Blondie Bundt Cake

2. Lemon-glazed pound cake

A pound cake can be dense and dry, but this one is lightened up and moistened thanks to the addition of sour cream. While this recipe is traditionally made in a loaf pan, you can also pour it into a greased bundt pan without making any major modifications to the recipe. Once your cake is completely cooled, top it with your lemon-infused glaze and add some candied lemon peel to the top as a fancy, fun garnish. 

Recipe: Lemon-Glazed Pound Cake

3. Best eggnog cake

Nothing speaks to the holidays quite like eggnog. This cake includes 1⅓ cup eggnog and a dash of extra nutmeg for effect. You can also convert this recipe to a dairy-free version by substituting the traditional eggnog with a plant-based alternative. We also recommend glazing your cake with eggnog icing for a stunning visual contrast to the dark color of the spiced bundt cake. It's bound to be the center of attention at your holiday parties this year! 

Recipe: Best Eggnog Cake

4. Samoas-inspired bundt cake

It's always Girl Scout cookie season with this Samoas-inspired bundt cake. It marries a decadent spice cake base filled with coconut and chocolate chips with a garnish of caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and coconut flakes. 

While our recipe will walk you through a homemade caramel sauce, you can always substitute it with your favorite store-bought version for the sake of ease. This dessert will be a favorite among all ages as well as a decadent way to end your year. 

Recipe: Samoas-Inspired Bundt Cake

5. Light and fluffy angel food cake

Angel food cake is unlike other cakes. It uses no butter or fat but instead relies on the boost of whipped egg whites to help the cake maintain its structure. For the fluffiest sponge, always use cake flour instead of all-purpose, and whip your egg whites until they form stiff peaks. 

When it comes to serving, you can use almost any fruit or whipped topping. We love serving our angel food cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. 

Recipe: Light and Fluffy Angel Food Cake

6. Orange chiffon cake

Chiffon cake shares some similarities with angel food cake, but it's made with egg yolks — not just whites. Yet, this cake has a delightfully airy texture that pairs well with the mild flavor of freshly squeezed orange juice and orange zest. 

For the best texture, bake this cake in a chiffon or angel food tin. Serve your cake with a garnish of whipped cream and orange slices for a summery dessert you surely won't forget. 

Recipe: Orange Chiffon Cake

7. Decadent layered chocolate flan

You might have heard this cake by other names like "magic chocoflan" or the "Impossible flan cake," but we assure you — it is possible, and we have a recipe to prove it. The key to this cake is making two separate batters: a light chocolate batter, which is added to the tin first, and a vanilla flan is poured on top. 

The two layers switch places when the cake bakes — like a magic trick! The best way to ensure this happens is by baking the cake in a bain marie (water bath) and allowing it to bake undisturbed for the entire hour. 

Recipe: Decadent Layered Chocolate Flan 

8. Jamaican rum cake

We're starting the new year off boozy. This Jamaican rum cake is often served during Christmas on the island and calls into the fruitcake category. But the Americanized version tweaks the traditional recipe a little and bakes it in a bundt that is soaked in a generous serving of rum. This cake also doesn't have any dried fruit in sight but instead gets a texture boost from adding chopped pecans. 

Recipe: Jamaican Rum Cake

9. Classic Pound Cake

Pound cake is a versatile dessert that can be served with a medley of toppings. Or, in this case, in a medley of shapes, thanks to the help of a greased bundt pan. The shape of the bundt allows the cake to cook perfectly and creates an elaborate design that's a bit more fun than a plain brick of cake made in a loaf pan. Moreover, pound cake is one of the simplest recipes you can make at home, which is perfect for novice bakers or those who want to whip up a dessert at any time of year. 

Recipe: Classic Pound Cake

10. Chocolate zucchini cake

No, it isn't just a sneaky way to get more veggies into your diet. The zucchini also helps add a ton of moisture to the crumb structure of this cake and gives it a little bit of texture. 

The secret to adding this notoriously wet squash to your cake batter is always draining the moisture with a clean kitchen towel to prevent soaking your batter and making it too wet. Once your cake is finished baking, top it with a powdered sugar glaze before cutting and serving your veggie-forward dessert. 

Recipe: Chocolate Zucchini Cake

11. Zingy lemon buttermilk pound cake

This pound cake takes lemon to a new level. Not only is there lemon juice and zest in the cake but the entire recipe is also soaked in lemon syrup to bring out the citrusy notes. 

While this cake is traditionally made in a loaf pan, it can be easily modified to fit in a bundt. Once the cake has been extracted from the mold and covered in the syrup, finish off the lemon flavor with a lemon glaze. We love serving this cake when we're craving the warmth and brightness of the summertime. 

Recipe: Zingy Lemon Buttermilk Pound Cake 

12. Kentucky bourbon butter cake

This Kentucky bourbon butter cake is the perfect harmony of booze and vanilla. The bundt pan is filled with a bourbon-infused sponge and garnished with a boozy glaze. It's perfect for both alcohol and dessert lovers. 

The trick to infusing the most flavor into your cake is to poke holes in the top of it and pour the glaze on, so it has a chance to soak down deeper into the sponge. Moreover, it's a great cake to serve as a snack or alongside a cup of coffee. 

Recipe: Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake

13. Mocha marble cake

Marble cake can be as cool to look at as it is fun to eat. Don't just settle for a cake swirled with mocha chocolate and vanilla layers; bake it in a bundt pan to show off a better picture of your marbling skills. 

This cake uses standard pound cake ingredients and a bit of buttermilk to give the cake a tangy taste and soft texture. Once your cake has thoroughly cooled, slice it and serve it with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Recipe: Mocha Marble Cake