Always Consider Specific Seating Arrangements For Left-Handed Guests

Apart from facing smeared ink and pencil markings on their left hands after handwriting letters, lefties also have to battle for space around a dinner table. The positioning of a left-handed diner seated next to a right-handed guest can cause some awkward movements during mealtimes, so when hosting dinner parties, considering these details when designing your seating charts is a thoughtful move that will be appreciated by all those in attendance. 

In addition to strategically placing more friendly party attendees towards the middle of your seating designs (thank Ina Garten for the tip), look to seat lefties at the corner of tables or at the far end of a dinner place setting. Such an arrangement can minimize potential collisions of elbows and arms as the evening grows long and guests become plied with alcoholic beverages. Leftie guests will appreciate your foresight and be able to enjoy the evening in a more relaxed fashion without having to adjust for space when holding silverware or scooping into dishes passed around the table.

A thoughtful approach to designing seating charts

While you can always let guests choose their own place around your dinner table, planning seating arrangements in advance can help you create beautiful tablescapes that set the foundation for an easy, relaxed evening. With guests' seating choices made for them, invited attendees can focus on enjoying conversation, drinks, and food without needing to worry about making seating decisions. The lefties in your party can bask in the ambiance you have built and take their time sipping their drinks and sampling various dishes without having to time bites and fumble awkwardly around the person sitting next to them.

Regardless of the hand dominance of each attendee, your dinner party guests will benefit from your keen prudence and hostessing prowess, and as plates are emptied and more glasses are poured, you, too, can sit back knowing you did the planning needed to make an unforgettable evening happen.