Frozen Pizza Will Never Be Boring Again With An Easy Garlic Butter Upgrade

Whenever you're in the mood for pizza but don't want to wait for a fresh one to get delivered, or if you're looking to save money on takeout, frozen pizza is there to satisfy your craving. Of course, frozen pizza is just never as good as the real thing — but there are ways to upgrade it.

One way to make sure your frozen pizza is never boring is by making a batch of homemade garlic butter — Tasting Table's recipe requires just three ingredients (butter, garlic, and parsley), so it couldn't be simpler. To upgrade your frozen pizza, all you have to do is brush some garlic butter onto the crust when the pizza is hot out of the oven, which will melt that butter right into the crust. You could also melt the butter ahead of time and brush it onto the crust before it bakes to ensure that the flavor really seeps through — whichever is your preference. Either way, the frozen pizza is taken to a new, delicious level. 

If you want the flavor of the garlic butter on more than just the pizza's crust, you can melt a portion of the butter and drizzle it over the whole pizza. Or, use the melted garlic butter as a dipping sauce.

Other ways to upgrade your frozen pizza

If you're looking for other ways to make your frozen pizza more exciting, the first thing to consider is other sauces and dips. If you want to stick with the garlic flavor, but not in the butter form, you can make your own homemade garlic aioli to drizzle over the pizza or use as a dipping sauce. Or, if you're looking for a way to add in more cheese, you can make a batch of whipped feta dip to get some extra cheesiness in every pizza bite. Further, a drizzle of hot honey is another good choice for a quick and tasty pizza upgrade.

You could also start with a simple cheese frozen pizza, then add on your own fresh veggies or even meat toppings, such as store-bought pepperoni or leftover chicken from a previous dinner. Just add these toppings onto the pizza in the last few minutes that it's in the oven.

Finally, make sure that you start off with a good brand. Tasting Table ranked 30 popular frozen pizzas, with Tombstone Roadhouse, Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co., and Red Baron taking the top spots.