The Ice Cube Tray Milk Hack For Creamy Smoothies On Demand

Morning or post-workout smoothies may give you a boost of protein or an increase in added fiber, but they definitely taste so much better with the addition of a chilly and rich dairy ingredient. A convenient way to achieve this element of creaminess when making what is really a meal in a blender is to add milk that has been frozen in ice cube trays. Why add frozen milk cubes to your smoothie rather than use it in its cold liquid form?

Frozen milk cubes won't dilute your smoothie and make it watery. Instead, the cubes create a consistency that is thick but velvety smooth, and refreshingly cold. This addition will not only complement the fresh or frozen fruits you use, but will transform those strawberries, blueberries, and bananas into a milkshake-like drink. It's such an easy and convenient added step. Simply fill a tray full of milk and slide it into your freezer, and you are in business. What you will love about this hack is that it eliminates the need for water-based ice cubes which can dilute the flavor.

Choose your milk

Not to mention, you get to control the type of milk you use and the amount of frozen milk cubes that make it into your smoothie. Whether you are a fan of whole milk, 2%, lactose-free, or a dairy alternative, this trick is adaptable. When you freeze your milk of choice, you will want to pop the frozen milk cubes into a freezer-safe storage bag so they do not pick up any odors that may be lurking in your freezer.

Freezing milk in your ice cube trays also allows you to extend its shelf life. In fact, if you have milk that is close to its expiration date, this is the perfect way to ensure it isn't wasted. Frozen milk is good for between three and six months after you freeze it. If you like these cubes in your smoothies, you can also use them in your iced coffee in place of creamer. And if you are feeling adventurous, try freezing chocolate milk for a sweet, treat smoothie.