The Binder Clip Hack To Organize Bottles And Cans In Your Fridge

Is your fridge crammed with bottles, and you're tired of them rolling around and taking up precious shelf space? Look no further than the humble binder clip. This unassuming office supply can transform into a handy kitchen tool that will keep your bottles neatly stacked and organized, allowing you to maximize fridge space efficiently. Binder clips are inexpensive, readily available, and can be repurposed for a variety of tasks. While they may not be a traditional kitchen tool, their adaptability makes them a must-have in any culinary arsenal.

To keep your bottles stacked neatly in the fridge, open the binder clip and attach it to one of the wire shelves in your fridge. You can place it vertically with the handles turned back and pointing down. This means the widest part of the triangle will be flush with the wire shelf and the narrower edge pointing up. Make sure the clip is securely attached to the shelf. Now, place your bottles between the binder clip and the side of the fridge. The binder clip will act as a sturdy bookend, preventing the bottles from rolling or shifting. You can stack several bottles behind one clip, depending on the size of the clip and your fridge's shelf space. And with that, your bottles are now neatly stacked and easily accessible. 

More than just wire shelves

If your fridge has glass shelves and the binder clip method won't work, all isn't lost. There are alternative solutions to keep your bottles in check. You can use other heavy items, like a large jar or even a sturdy container, to hold the bottles in place. Simply place them on your fridge shelf to serve as bookends, and stack your bottles between the heavy item and the fridge wall.

Of course, you can always opt to buy an inexpensive, but helpful fridge organizer for bottles. This is simply a small mat with enough of a groove to hold the bottom row of bottles in place. From there, you can stack more bottles on top without worry that the bottles will topple or roll. Or, opt for an acrylic organizer for larger bottles like wine or soda. In the world of kitchen hacks, binder clips prove once again that simple solutions can make a big difference. So, say goodbye to the chaos of rolling bottles and hello to a more organized and efficient kitchen — whether you use a binder clip or another hack.